Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Start of Christmas

 Although we decorated for Christmas over the Thanksgiving holidays, we haven't done anything really "Christmas-y" until this morning.  We went with our friends the Mannings and their two daughters to go see Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shops!  Even though we got there right at 10:00 when the store opened there were still a ton of people in front of us so we were at the front of the "10:30" line.  Unfortunately the professional camera was not working properly and we had to wait even longer to sit on the big man's lap.  Luckily Craig and Brian were able to tool around the store with the babies and keep them entertained while Dana and I held our spots in line.  Once we got up to meet Santa, I got a little nervous.  I ALWAYS was afraid of him when I was growing up and if you think about it....the whole concept is a little weird.  "You just want me to sit on this strange man's lap and tell him what I want for Christmas?  What about Stranger Danger?!"  I was also a very shy child and did not like meeting new apparently that's where Natalie gets it from.  But she did great of course - she was so intrigued by his beard and glasses and we were able to get some great photos to give to the grandparents.
All ready to go in her reindeer shirt!

Waiting in line at the store with Daddy.

Sharing a special moment with Santa Claus.

When we got home I quickly put her in the Christmas tutu that I made for some homemade Christmas pictures.  I love how these turned out!  I can't believe I was able to get such an excited face out of her!  Good thing you can't hear the crazy noises I was making in order for her to grin and laugh.

Here's one in front of the Christmas tree!  I can't wait to see what she thinks of all her presents....okay....I know....she'll probably just enjoy the paper and boxes.

I love the light on her face in this one.

So that's about it for now - she is taking a much needed nap in her bedroom while Craig and I are resting as well.  I'm not sure what else we have planned for Christmas this year....maybe a trip out to the Gaylord just to look around at things.  Regardless, Christmas is going to be different from here on out!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Definitely Christmas will be different from now on. Children are the heart of the season! As I told you on the phone, Deacon Harry put it very well in his homily today. Happiness is great, and it stems from happenings, but joy is what God wants for His children, and it's stem is faith.
Baci, MOM

Erin said...

Ah! The tutu turned out SO good!!!