Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Present

It's obviously been a rough year in the Nelson household.  Awhile back Craig and I were talking about the year and I told him that it made me so sad to think that even though something absolutely wonderful happened this year with the birth of Natalie, all I was going to remember were the difficult times afterwards.  Those aren't the memories I want to have surrounding my daughter's birth.  Craig being the thoughtful and creative husband that he is, enlisted the help of his photographer uncle and together they put together this montage of Natalie's first year so that I could remember all the good times we had during Natalie's first year.

The first song that is played is "Beautiful Day" by U2 and it has special significance to Craig and I because it was the recessional song at our wedding.  


Amy said...

So sweet!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful gift you will always treasure!!