Thursday, December 22, 2011

January 2011

The next few posts I'm going to be linking up with Robin at Farewell Stranger who writes a beautifully personal PPD blog.  She's doing a series of blog posts which look back at the wonderful moments of the past year despite struggling through motherhood and PPD.  I'm doing this series along with her because I desperately want to remember the first year of Natalie's life as something positive and beautiful instead of full of pain, frustration, anger, anxiety and darkness.

Four of my lovely and closest friends threw me a gorgeous baby shower full of homemade goodies.  My two super crafty friends Heather and Amy spearheaded this endeavor and it was a wonderful afternoon with good food, friends and lots of gifts and love for Natalie!

Playing the standard baby shower game where guests estimate the mother's baby bump using tulle and whoever got the closest won a prize.  This is my BFF (28 isn't too old to still be using that phrase, right?) Amy measuring my belly while her (at the time) kindergarten daughter Emma looks on.  Amy is a Navy wife and I was lucky to have her "stationed" in our area for the past year while her husband was stationed overseas.  I couldn't have made it through the past few years without her.

Did I mention that she's super crafty too?  Yeah.  She made this blanket for Natalie.

And then there's Heather....the other crafty friend who did all this stuff!

Like this banner.....

PS: the theme was turquoise and green apple which are also the colors of Natalie's nursery.

Oh and Heather?  Yeah she's also a fabulous cake and cupcake maker.

Opening up presents rocking out a uber chic headband given to me by another hostess Kate who gave it to me for Christmas because she wanted me to remember that I wasn't just "Natalie's mother" but I was still LAURA above everything else.  I should probably wear that headband more often and keep those wise words in mind.

Heather's mother bought the receiving blankets that I registered for and then embroidered Natalie's name all over them with fun pictures.  This one is by far my favorite because it's a basketball and two volleyballs.

The diaper cake, blanket and matching outfit that Amy made for Natalie.  There was so much love put into this shower that even now - almost a year later, I'm in awe that people loved my baby this much even before they had met her.

And the coolest present of the shower?  Natalie's first "shoe" closet given to me by two former coworkers who, when we all three worked together, formed an intense bond over our love for teaching in.....high heels.

Hey Robin.....if you're reading this.....even though this is only the first post I've made in this series, I can already tell this is going to be good for my thanks for the inspiration.


Robin | Farewell, Stranger said...

Laura, this is such a great post. I'm glad this is such a happy thing to remember January by. That shower looks incredible!

Amy said...

hey! i made that banner!

Leighannn said...

This is beautiful.
What a wonderful way to remember your baby shower.

Galit Breen said...

What a stunning shower!

Chibi said...

What an awesome shower! :)

Samantha S said...

Love the shoe closet! That's a great idea for a baby shower gift.