Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is 9:24 am and the sun is streaming in the kitchen windows and there is an autumn chill in the air.  I hope it lasts.
I am thinking...that I have to feel better soon.  I absolutely don't have time to be sick.  Not until volleyball season is over.

I am thankful for...the fact that Craig knew I wasn't feeling good today and sent me back to bed when I tried to get up with Natalie at 7:00 this morning.

From the learning rooms...I had a great practice with my 8th graders on Friday morning.  They had reached a certain goal earlier in the week and so their reward was to plan our Friday morning practice.  As if this wasn't fun enough, both Division I and II teams had won their first game of the season on Thursday night so the girls were in GREAT spirits at 7:30 on Friday morning.  We had such a fun practice complete with all their favorite games, lots of laughter and of course on court dancing to the Michael Jackson that was pumping through the gym speakers.  Who knew 8th grade girls had such great taste in music!?  We ended the practice with me reminding them that THIS is why they play volleyball in 8th grade - sure there is a ton of work that we have to do to get ourselves prepared for games, but at the end of the day they play because they love the game and they love being around their friends.  It was a great start to the weekend.

From the kitchen...I'm not feeling good and I want something filling and homey so I'm going to make Taco Soup tonight.  Ground beef, ranch dressing and taco seasonings, corn, black beans and navy beans served with cheese, sour cream and cornbread.  Yum.

I am "pajamas" - a big t-shirt of Craig's and some running shorts.  I feel terrible...I might stay in this all day.
I am creating...Christmas lists - one for things that we would like and another for things that we have already bought.  On the already bought list for Natalie - sippy cups, snack traps, bath toys and hair bows for her stocking, four books, a pair of Target "Ugg" boots and a pink fleece zip-up jacket.  Hopefully if we keep going at the rate that we're going we will have most of Christmas done by December and we can just sit back and enjoy the season with Natalie!

I am try and rest for the rest of the day to see if I can beat this sinus crap before I start the week tomorrow.

I am reading...Postsecret.  I don't know what kind of secret I would send in...

I am hoping...that my 8th grade girls can win again this Thursday.

I am hearing...ESPN Sunday NFL countdown and Natalie giggling in her bouncer.

Around the house...we definitely need Martha to come this Friday.  I totally had so many plans to pick up around the house but now that I'm sick we will see how much I can get done.  Probably not a lot.

One of my favorite things...having completely random conversations with my BFF Amy on the phone. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Volleyball games on Monday and Thursday night, my own volleyball game on Wednesday night and the home opener of the Stars on Friday night with Craig!

A picture to share:
Just hanging out on the ground with a baby girl who is desperately trying to crawl around the living room to get to our tennis shoes.  Maybe my next baby will look like me?!

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