Thursday, October 6, 2011


Pinterest is a tricky little devil isn't she?  She pulls you in with all the pretty pictures of things you should be cooking, making and decorating.  You close out your Pinterest session feeling rejuvinated and full of creativity - things around your house and in your life are going to change!  Voila!  The house is organized, the dinners are delicious and why yes - I took those beautiful portraits of my children, framed them with homemade frames of birch from the trees in my backyard AND hung them attractively in my foyer, which of course is impeccably decorated and ready for Architectual Digest to photograph at a moment's notice.


It's not really like that, is it?

I usually leave Pinterest feeling lazy.  Look at all the plans I have, all the things that I've added onto my To-Do list....and then when none of it happens, I feel worthless.  Pinterest will not make me a better wife, a better homemaker nor a better mother.  I am not ensuring Natalie's eventual success in life because I decoupaged Halloween pumpkins or upcycled her a dress from her Daddy's shirt.  Craig will not love me more if every cabinet is labeled (although many of them are - one of the upsides of OCD) or the house is perfectly decorated using all organic and homemade objects.  Natalie will become successful because I show her love, give her boundaries and hold her to high expectations all the while treating her with grace, dignity and compassion.  Craig will love me because I make him laugh, I support him in (almost) everything that he does and because I am honest and loyal. 


There's always a "but" isn't there.

I like a challenge.  And Pinterest most certainly does pose a challenge to me.  I am not crafty, I am not patient and I am not comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone.

So I'm setting a challenge for myself.  ONCE VOLLEYBALL SEASON IS OVER I will set myself to accomplishing ONE Pinterest task or activity, whether it is creating a holiday project with Natalie or cooking something delightful for dinner.  I'm going to make my "pins" a reality.  And I'm putting it out there on the blogosphere for people to hold me accountable. 

Ooh.  Idea.

Maybe this can be one of those "link-up" things - where everyone (okay, all 4) people that read my blog and have a Pinterest account can share what "pins" they've created in their own lives?!  Who can tell me how to do that?

I know that I'm not the only person out there that has a general sense of Pinterest guilt, maybe if we work together we can get that monkey off our back?


Erin said...

Seriously, with almost every post you are reading my mind! Are we long lost friends? I think we might be. I have this same love/hate relationship with Pinterest! I am not craft, but if I were to actually just do it and not make excuses I could be Martha Stewart!

So, we should definitely hold each other accountable! When is volleyball season over? When it ends I say we both pick something we've pinned and REALLY do it!Let me know what ya think!

Laura said...

Love it! I totally tried to wish you a Happy Birthday on your blog but Blogger kept kicking me out. So...I totally related to YOUR blog today - I think we might be long lost friends/family. :) Vball ends at the end of October so we will definitely do it. I'm pumped. This will be fantastic.

Michelle said...

I recently fell in love with Pinterest, but you're right it does make you feel lazy. It's so easy to look at all the pretty pics and say you're going to do something. I like the idea of actually being accountable doing them.

I know a ton of people who use Mr Linky for their link ups. I think it's fairly easy to use.

Melissa said...

I know what you mean...I have all of these high hopes and then life happens and I have no time. The ones I have done are the pumpkins with our initials and I did do the frames with the girls stats at birth. Other than that all pins are just dreams :)

Heather said...

Ok I am seriously laughing out loud about the "homemade frames made from birch from my backyard." So true- lol! I love pinterest too but usually feel discouraged and overwhelmed after searching around on there- ugh! I love your idea of the once a week pinterest craft!

Jill Curtis said...

I love you and miss you! You are so clever and I would love to participate in this Pinterest challenge:)