Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is 8:46am and it's gloomy, cloudy and I love it.

I am thinking...that I am pretty proud of myself for figuring out Mr. Linky - we'll see if this Pinterest Show and Tell idea of mine takes off.

I am thankful for...the organizational mind that God gave me.  Yes, maybe that's a little bit of a weird thing to be thankful for, BUT it is so incredibly helpful in my life.  Craig and I have been busy for the past month starting our Christmas lists and the "what have we bought" list.  I've been able to keep us organized as to what we would like to receive and what we have bought or are planning on buying for people.  It is also really helpful on the budget - we can buy a few things here and there instead of TONS of stuff all at the last minute.

From the learning rooms...I had a sad day on Thursday at school.  One of my most favorite students, a 6th grade special needs boy moved to Florida to be closer to his grandmother.  He was just a special kiddo that added so much light and excitement to my classroom and I loved seeing how much fun he had in PE and how much the rest of the class supported him.  He will definitely be missed.

From the kitchen...Craig and I made breakfast for dinner last night - pancakes, sausage and biscuits.  Mmm.

I am wearing...a big t-shirt of Craig's that I slept in last night.

I am creating...DUH!  Decorative pumpkins!  Did you not read my last post?

I am have dinner with my college sorority sisters tonight!

I am reading...Harry Potter to Natalie.  I've kind of stalled on reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I am determined to finish it before Thanksgiving.

I am hoping...that my girls show up to play our crosstown rival this week.

I am hearing...Nick Jr on the television.

Around the's beginning to look like fall with all the decor we've been putting up!

One of my favorite things...last night Natalie fell asleep in her crib with her blanket that my BFF Amy made for her and with the giraffe that my parents gave to her in her arms.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Volleyball games on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Craig and I are taking the day off on Tuesday to take Natalie to the State Fair so we'll have a four day weekend!  Hurray!!

A picture to share:
Who doesn't love chubby baby thighs and butt?

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