Sunday, October 16, 2011

State Fair

I grew up going to the Texas State Fair with my family every year - my mother has the best picture of me at around 5 years old perched on my oldest brother's shoulders, hands resting on his head while the two of us look over the fair grounds map together.  As a family, we always had to eat our corny dog and check out the selection of new cars!  A few years ago another dimension was added to the fair when my dad began entering his metal artwork into the creative arts competition and when he wins (this year second place!) his artwork is displayed in the creative arts building.  Craig and I have been going to the fair together for three years - the first year with our friends the Mannings and their daughter Madeline, last year with the Mannings again except both Dana and I were pregnant and this year Craig and I took a day off from work to take Natalie!
At the start of the fake farm for the kids.  Craig and I thought that it was going to have real animals for her to look at but nope - all fake.  So it wasn't that much fun for her this year...maybe next year.

Waiting for the puppy dog show to begin.  Craig and I really enjoyed seeing all the tricks that the dogs could do but despite all their tricks, we both still prefer our Angie dog.  Natalie would get super excited anytime the crowd cheered.

Daddy and Natalie watching the show.

The requisite fair picture in front of Big Tex.  When he started talking she got VERY startled and her eyes were HUGE trying to look around and see what was making that big noise!

Daddy and Natalie with Big Tex.

A long day at the fair wipes a girl out!

We stayed at the fair from 10:00 in the morning until around 1:00 in the afternoon when it was starting to get warm outside.  We all came home and took two hour naps - ALL of us, including Angie!

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