Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five

Songbird over at RevGalBlogPals writes:

I've got home on my mind: what it feels like, how we make it, what we carry from the past and how we separate other people's leftovers from objects that really reflect our identity. My family has had one home for the past 13 years, the longest I've ever lived anywhere. As the time when all the children are gone comes closer, I wonder where my next home will be?

So here are five questions about home.

1) Where was your first home?

The same home where my parents still live in the HEB area.  The only move I ever made growing up was from my little girl room to the big bedroom with two closets at the back of the house when I turned 13.  My two year old footprints are still visible in the concrete walkway on the side of the house.  I love that.

2) Do you ever dream about places you used to live?

Not really.  I've had dreams about my grandma's house where I'm walking through and I can still picture where all of her furniture and knick knacks are placed.  Since she passed away ten years ago the family who bought the home has since added a pool and a second story.  I would love to be able to tour the house now and see what it is like.

3) If you could bring back one person from your past to sit at your dinner table, who would you choose?

Grandma so that she could meet Craig, Natalie and of course Angie.  But at the same time it would be hard to have to say goodbye to her again.

4) What's your favorite room in your current living space?

Probably my bedroom because I love how cozy and warm it is with just the two bedside lamps lit.  And of course on Saturday and Sunday mornings when it's the family bed and we have Craig, myself, Natalie and Angie all nestled in and playing together.

5) Is there an object or an item where you live now that represents home? If not, can you think of one from your childhood?

I have a crucifix that my Grandma gave me for my Confirmation and it has hung over the light switch in my bedroom at every place that I have lived - both apartments in college, my single gal apartment in Euless and finally now in our bedroom in our current home.

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