Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is 8:46 in the morning and outside is apparently a little cooler this morning.

I am thinking...of things that I would like for Christmas.  It's never too early to put together a list, right?

I am thankful for...the modern medicine that helped Natalie feel better last night so that we were all able to get a better and more restful sleep last night.

From the learning 7th grade volleyball team has SO FAR to go.  I always forget how LITTLE they know at the beginning of the year.  My 8th graders look pretty good and I think we'll do alright overall.  I'm excited about coaching them because they listen and apply what I tell them to do.

From the kitchen...I think I just want something easy and comforting for dinner tonight - chili dogs?!

I am wearing...a t-shirt and athletic shorts and probably some bags under my eyes.  If baby ain't sleeping, ain't NOBODY sleeping.

I am creating...tons and tons of volleyball practice plans.

I am going...absolutely NOWHERE today.  We had two birthday parties scheduled for today but with the croup that she just got diagnosed with, our plans for today and possibly tomorrow kind of got killed off.

I am reading...too much into people's actions and always assuming the worst.

I am hoping...that baby girl keeps feeling better throughout the day.  I think getting 10 straight hours of sleep last night definitely helped the little booger feel better.

I am hearing...Craig's gentle snoring next to me and Natalie's throaty breathing through the monitor - poor little thing.

Around the house...there is a ton of laundry to fold and the sinks are full of dirty dishes.  Although we are staying home today that doesn't mean we won't be working!

One of my favorite things...watching my 8th grade girls play the game that they love.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have volleyball games on Wednesday and Thursday nights but luckily no other commitments other than those.
A picture I am sharing:
Last Sunday Craig, Natalie and I all went over to my eldest brother's house (Stephen and Meredith) and met their new baby boy, Ian Andrew.  Here are my parents with their FOUR grandbabies: Alexander in the back - he is in second grade and will turn 8 in November, Ford is in the middle on the bottom - he is four and a half and will be in Kindergarden next year; Natalie is almost six months old and Ian is a week old in this picture!  Christmas this year will be crazy and fun!

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