Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is 7:07 and the light is starting to fade in through the windows.

I am amazing that it has been 10 years and that my child will be of the generation that really doesn't have the full grasp of what happened today in 2001.
I am thankful for...bravery, sacrifice and dedication.
From the learning rooms...still no wins from the volleyball court.  Last week was a little rough for my 8th graders - they were a hot mess both on the court and off.  My 7th graders are improving - we had a great practice on Friday afternoon which made me feel incredibly hopeful for Monday night's game and the rest of the school year.

From the kitchen...Craig has been doing such a great job planning and cooking dinners for us while I'm in volleyball.  Last week he even attempted meatloaf and It was pretty good!

I am wearing...a t-shirt of Craig's and athletic shorts.  My baby girl is sitting on the floor of the living room wearing her pajama shirt....and a diaper. 

I am creating...nothing major this week.  My brain hurts and I'm tired.

I am have coffee with a former co-worker this afternoon and to the grocery store but other than that...not going anywhere important.

I am reading...for twenty minutes everynight.  I'm at the beginning of The Girl Who Played With Fire.  Love, love, love this trilogy.

I am hoping...that volleyball season keeps going quickly.  With every week that passes by I'm closer to Craig's basketball season, closer to shorter work days and hopefully closer to cooler weather!
I am hearing...Natalie cooing and gooing on the floor and the bagpipes of the September 11th memorial on the television.

Around the house...I've got to get Natalie's clothing situation under control.  She has outgrown her 6 month clothes and we were recently gifted with some wintery 12 months stuff that I have to sort through and divide up into keep and donate piles.

One of my favorite things...Natalie's new "hugs" that she gives me when she's happy to be with her Momma.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Volleyball games on Monday and Thursday nights and then an all day tournament Saturday with the 8th graders.

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