Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is 7:12 pm and the clouds are starting to build in the west - hopefully they will bring us rain soon.

I am thinking...about Halloween decorations, Christmas lists and six month picture outfits.  I've got a lot of lists to start making.

I am thankful husband.  WARNING: This is going to be mushy.  He is so inspiring to me because he has overcome such incredible tragedy in his life to become an amazing father, husband and man.  There is no doubt in my mind that he is the one that God selected for me to marry because he has been my source of strength and steadiness throughout the PPD. 

From the learning 8th graders did much better over the weekend at our volleyball tournament.  We split pool play games with a team that we lost to on Thursday night so we were able to advance out of our pool as a second place team and into the Championship bracket, which was my biggest goal going into the tournament.

From the kitchen...I made beef tips in the Crock-Pot today for dinner and it was really good!  They tasted like little bites of roast.  Mmm.

I am wearing...a school shirt and athletic shorts - we just took the pup and the baby for a walk around the neighborhood.  I can't wait until Natalie is big enough to run around the playground!

I am many lists!!!

I am have Natalie's six month photos taken on Sunday with a friend of mine from college.  I can't wait to catch up and see what kinds of beautiful pictures Heather is able to capture!
I am reading...Harry Potter to Natalie every night.  I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with fellow HP fan and former roomie Lauren - I've inspired her to read to her little boy Bennett when he is born in December!
I am hoping...that our family outing this morning brought closure to Craig.

I am hearing...planes go overhead to the airport.  I don't know what it is about this year.  Maybe it's because I have a family and therefore a greater understanding of love but all the September 11th stuff really got to me this year.  I can't help but think of what those people must have felt and experienced everytime a plane flies low over our house.

Around the house...we are getting more and more of Natalie's newborn baby stuff put away.  She's got her big girl car seat installed in Daddy's car and we've bagged up her play mat, her swing, her Bumbo and her little vibrator-bouncy thing - now it's just waiting for Craig to put it all away in the attic.
One of my favorite things...being able to mentor teenage girls through coaching.  That is the part that I'll miss when I go back to the classroom and quit coaching for good.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I have volleyball games on Monday and Thursday and a high school volleyball game on Tuesday night.  I think Craig and I are going to do some Halloween decorating projects on Saturday and then Natalie takes her six month photos on Sunday morning!

A picture I am sharing: A little tribute to the hubs.
Craig and I during our fabulous honeymoon to Antigua.  He really worked hard to plan a perfect honeymoon that was really something special.  On a separate note - don't I look so tan and thin?!

At our engagement party that we had at the horse races.  We rented a suite and invited all our friends and family - the best part was that Craig's Uncle Tim was able to join us in the celebration AND get some beautiful pictures!

Natalie and her Daddy.  I couldn't have ever imagined how wonderful he is with her.  She will have the hardest time finding a husband because no man will ever compare to how great her Daddy is!

Each year Craig makes the deal with his basketball players that if they win the district championship they can style his long, curly hair.  What a great look.

He sure does love his Dallas Stars.

On our most recent trip to Las Vegas for my birthday.  As my birthday present he arranged for me to have my hair and make-up done for our big dinner out on the last night!

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