Thursday, August 18, 2011

Past Life

I have an almost debilitating addiction in my the Bravo network on television.  Whatever Andy Cohen decides to produce, I will watch.  The Housewives, Flipping Out, Millionaire Matchmaker - I love it all.  Miss Andy's newest venture has landed here in the Metroplex and features six young and hot singles living and working in Big D. 

Most Eligible Dallas had me a bit skeptical at first - was it going to be like that bomb Miami Social of which I only watched one episode before cutting out?  Nope.  I'm hooked.  Maybe it's the fact that I get to scour each episode trying to figure out where exactly they are and if I've eaten at that restaurant before.  Or maybe I'm a bit nostalgic for the days when I ran all around North Texas from one bar to the next and getting to hang out with my big group of friends at my own leisure. 

Post college was a blur of the neon lights of bars in Ft. Worth and big bar tabs in Addison.  I relate to these people - the group of friends that I hung out with in my early twenties could have easily comprised the cast of this show.  Jennifer and Zach: the ambitious almost married couple living and working in downtown Ft. Worth; Cody: the lovable goofball with the most brilliant one-liners...but not the best of luck with the ladies; Justin and Laura: semi-high school sweethearts each trying to figure out their place in the working world....and possibly in a relationship with one another; Meggie and Ryan: a traditional romantic and a irreverant cowboy that secretly fell in love but are now living their own fairytale.

Where was Andy Cohen six years ago?!  I could have been a Bravo reality star!  Ha!

But in all honesty, although those crazy years of my life were some of the most heartbreaking and confusing, I wouldn't change it for anything because I think it has made me so much more appreciative of the life that I have carved for myself in suburbia with the hubs, the pup and the baby girl.

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