Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Day Book

Outside my is 8:54 pm and it's finally dark but still very warm.  And the grass is mowed...good job Craig.

I am thinking...that change will make us a better and stronger family.

I am thankful husband for always wanting the best for his three favorite ladies: me, Natalie and Angie.

From the learning rooms...I started the day in almost a panic attack just thinking about all the stuff that needs to get accomplished before next Monday.  Our school underwent major renovations this summer which meant that every single room was broken down and all our stuff was put into huge moving boxes and then once the reno was over put back in our rooms, but still in the boxes.  I walked into our storage room this morning and I couldn't see where any of my volleyball junk was and I nearly flipped out.  I hit the ground running at the first of the year and I like to have everything ready to go from day one.  But luckily our principal was very generous (or maybe scared of the angry backlash of a hundred women) and allowed us practically the whole afternoon to work in our rooms getting things sorted out.  The other PE teachers and I attacked the storage rooms and got about 2/3 of the huge boxes cleared out and the materials put away.  Good news is that I have volleyballs, standards, ref stands, ball carts, antennas and pole pads...I can start volleyball on schedule.
From the kitchen...last night I made Poppyseed Chicken Casserole and it was delish.

I am wearing...shorts, t-shirt and a messy bun in my hair. 

I am many "to-do" lists for all aspects of my life.  Stuff to get done at school and stuff to get taken care of around the house.

I am going...crazy inside my head with all the things that I'm trying to remember and process.

I am reading...I totally finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo while I was on vacation in Vegas last week.  I loved having the entire afternoon up in my hotel room with the curtains drawn, that lamp turned on and the AC cranked low while I snuggled under the sumtuous sheets at the Wynn and delved into the twisted world of the Vanger family.
I am hoping...that Natalie has an even better second day with Ms. Rebecca! 

I am hearing...Angie snoring on her blanket on the bed and Craig packing cards downstairs.
Around the house...I desperately need to put away tons of Natalie's 3-6 month clothes and wash and hang her 9 months stuff!

One of my favorite things...the look on Natalie's face whenever I came to pick her up this afternoon.  I love her little scrunched up grin.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just getting ready for the school year and then enjoying our last weekend before school starts!

A picture worth sharing: I'm a slacker - all my pictures are on my flash drive which is across the room and I'm cozy on my bed.

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