Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding and Anniversary

Today is our anniversary - we got married on a gorgeous Saturday in March at the beginning of Spring Break.  Exactly one week later, while we were in Antigua on our honeymoon - it snowed in north Texas.  Go figure.  I could get really mushy about how much I love Craig but I think I've done that recently - so I'm just going to show you some of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

My wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress, the flower girl's dress and my turquoise wedding shoes.

My maid of honor Amy and her little girl Emma who was my flower girl.

Craig gave me my Tiffany's charm bracelet engraved with the date of our wedding and his mother gave me the puzzle piece symbolizing that I was the missing piece in Craig's life.

The site of our wedding.  I wasn't real particular on where we got married but as soon as Craig saw the trees, the grass and the golf course he was sold.

I love my mother's face in this picture.  I don't know if she's just really happy about her corsage or the fact that I was finally getting married.  Regardless, I love her joyfulness.

As part of our photography package we received a credit towards a canvas picture of our choosing.  I left the choice up to Craig and told him he could choose any bridal portrait that he wanted.  This is the picture that he chose and it is hanging in our entryway.

Craig's good friend and coaching buddy Doug putting the final touches on Craig's outfit.  Notice the Converse tennis shoes.

My two brothers who also served as ushers.  I love how they are walking exactly in step with one another.

My friend Beri's husband is an ordained minister and he offered to officiate our wedding.  He was also super psyched when we told him he could also wear Converse - he got a new black pair just for the wedding.

Craig waiting for me to walk down the aisle.

My mother being escorted by my two brothers Mike (left) and Stephen (right).

Alexander and Ford were my ring bearers and they did an excellent job of walking down the aisle except for when they forgot exactly where they were supposed to go - this is Andrew directing them to go sit with my brother and sister-in-law.

All the boys' shoes.

Oh man.  This was a tough moment.  I was seriously freaked out at all the people staring at me.

Standing at the altar - it might look as if I'm lovingly clutching Craig's hands but in reality, I'm holding on for dear life.  I hate being the center of attention like that.

I don't know if you can really see it in this picture but there were tons of guests from the hotel staring out the window at our wedding.

Again.  The clutching.  The "don't let go of me because I might faint."

I really like this picture because I actually did my own make-up for the wedding and I like the fact that it turned out alright.  Also because...........you know...........I look really in love with my husband as well.

Mwah!  The big kiss.  This was also a strange moment because there were a lot of our coworkers at our wedding who had prior to this kiss NEVER seen any sort of physical interaction between the two of us.  First of all, we're not that into PDA but we also kept it VERY professional when at work or even when hanging out in public because we didn't want the whole school to know that we were dating.

Hurray!  It's over!  Time to go get a much needed glass of champagne!

I have this picture framed in our bedroom - it might be my most favorite photo from the whole day.

Ron, Craig and Ricky (who is hiding) all embracing and congratulating.  Ron and Ricky run basketball tournaments and (Ron especially) have been there for Craig through lots of traumatic life altering events.  Ron was (and still is) truly happy for all the joy and good things that have happened in Craig's life.

Hugging my brother Mike who had flown all the way down from Maine for the wedding.  My wedding was monumental for him because I think it made him realize how much he missed living close to our family.

Oh.......the children.  It was nearing the end of a long day for these three and they were all ready for some food and cake.

We couldn't really get a serious picture out of them and you know what?  

I think I like it that way - I can definitely see all their sweet and sassy personalities.

So that's part one.........I'll post the reception and formal couple photos later.  But for now, I think I might hop into the shower so I can get ready for our big date tonight!


Bethany said...

Happy anniversary!

Those are wonderful pictures. I love weddings!

Hope you two enjoy a wonderful evening!

♥ Bethany


Erin said...


And holy cow what a beautiful bride you were! I think Craig chose the perfect bridal portrait for your house! Hope y'all enjoy some time together this week in celebration!