Monday, March 26, 2012


Here's a weekly insight into my life and a chance for me to debrief my own brain and sort out my thoughts.

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Outside my is warm (bordering on HOT) and there is not a cloud in the sky.  We were blessed to have this weather over the weekend as well.

I am thinking...that you can always tell when it's starting to get warmer outside because all of the coaching staff gets tanner and browner as the days and weeks pass during the spring.

I am thankful...for the gorgeous weather on Saturday morning while Craig and I were working the high school track meet - in years past it has ranged from bitterly cold to spitting rain and humid.

In the kitchen...I cooked both Friday and Saturday night.  Friday was a basic penne pasta bake with sauce, meat, ricotta and cream cheese.  On Saturday I made crock pot chicken cordon bleu.  And now we are enjoying yummy leftovers!

I am wearing...a fantastic shorts, t-shirt and sock tan.

I am creating...all sorts of fun plans for the summer - a GymKids class with Natalie, lots of hours at the pool with friends, getting together a reading list and Bible Study.

I am reread all the Hunger Games books but this time slow down and really enjoy every twist and turn in the plot.

I am wondering...what this summer is going to be like if it's already consistently in the 80s in March.  Yikes.

I am reading...The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  I've picked back up on my television watching during the week and therefore the house is a bit messier and my reading has fallen to the wayside.  I think this I might just make it a plan of mine to NOT watch television during the week so that I can stay on top of things around the house and enjoy all the wonderful books that are sitting in my "to read" pile next to my bed.

I am hoping...that all my kids get their game faces back on for the track meet this week.  We had rough weather last week and our kids just didn't perform very well at the track meet AT ALL.  Hopefully that was just a fluke and they'll be ready to compete this week at the prelims for the district meet.

I am looking forward to...going to church with my friend Kate on Saturday.  She is a dear friend of mine (and Natalie's godmother) and she is going through a rough patch with a recent diagnosis in her daughter.  I hope that a little bit of prayer and meditation together will help her have more hope and encouragement.

I am to lead through example.

Around the house...things are a bit more organized in that I've boxed up clothes that Natalie has outgrown and we put away all her baby toys but now we just have to find a place to put the storage bins!  I really struggle with mess, clutter and disorganization and I pray daily for patience (not to erupt) and wisdom (to see that it doesn't really matter).

A favorite quote for today..."thanks bestie."  My friend (and co-worker) Shemika wrote that on Facebook in response to a comment that I made on her picture.  It's taken her a long time to realize that I'm pretty fun to be around, despite her first (negative) impressions of me.
One of my favorite things...Natalie's new Frankenstein walk with her arms stretched out in front of her.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Bible Study, basketball practice and a track meet.

A picture to share:
It's obviously not a picture, but it's something much better - video of Natalie walking.  Notice how when I say "come here" she immediately turns and heads towards something more entertaining than her mother.  Oh dear.


Jerralea said...

Oh how sweet that you have video of your baby walking! I have video of my nephew, but not of my own kids!

I wonder too how the weather will be this summer if it's this gorgeous now!

God bless and have a great week!

annajanine said...

Oooo...I've been wanting to re-read Hunger Games, too...good idea!