Monday, March 5, 2012

Day Booking

Today is a day when I need to refocus on the positive things in our life and not the negativity that we're facing right now.  This is where you can find other daybookers.

Outside my is an absolutely GORGEOUS day and even though I'm sneezing like crazy, I'm taking all my PE kiddos out to the soccer game to enjoy the weather.

I am thinking...that the wrong kind of changes are being made in the school district that I teach in.  People have been promoted based on their poor performance and now we are suffering because of their dishonesty and indifference.

I am thankful...that Natalie has returned to her normal sleeping patterns and that we were able to have a great weekend as a family.

In the kitchen...I've got a huge list of groceries to buy for her big first birthday party on Saturday.

I am wearing...shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers.

I am creating...a few more last minute projects for Natalie's birthday party.

I am go crazy if people don't start being honest and telling the truth.

I am is it that we teach our children morals, values and virtues and that through these things, good things will come to them but yet as adults, some people choose NOT to follow those same things.  What a double standard we teach our children.  If you're going to impress upon a child that a characteristic is important - than you must model that character trait for them.  It's a cruel trick we play on children when they grow up and realize that in order to be successful it isn't about being honest and working hard but instead being deceitful, selfish and two-faced.

I am reading...I flew through Catching Fire this weekend and I started Mockingjay last night.  Who knew one week of no television would reignite my passion for books, literature and reading!

I am hoping...that the wool gets removed from people's eyes.  I have to remember what we talked about in Bible Study the other week - God knows the truth.  He knows the truth of the events and he knows the truth in our hearts.  As frustrating as it is, I have to allow Him to dole out the judgment and not act based on my own human desires to lash out and condemn.

I am looking forward to...Natalie's first birthday party on Saturday!  Her actual birthday is on Thursday so I will be bringing cupcakes to the day care kiddos during their lunch for everyone to enjoy.  I'm just excited to see everything that I've been working on over the past month finally come together.

I am be patient and put my trust in the Lord.  Easier said than done.

Around the house...we've been killing a lot of flies.  I know that sounds really gross and believe me, it's not because our house (or yard) is dirty - we're really not sure how they are getting in and staying alive.  All I know is that they better not be zooming around all the yummy food I have prepared for Natalie's birthday party on Saturday.

A favorite quote for today...a conversation from the bathtub on Friday night:
Natalie on her knees in the water, leaning up against the side of the bathtub while holding up a star from her stacking rings: "Dis?  Dis?"
Me and Craig: "Star Natalie.  That's a STAR."
Natalie: "Dar.  Dar."
The "dar" is dropped into the bathtub as she tries to find another toy to name.

One of my favorite addition to the conversation mentioned above?  Natalie is not an independent stander nor an independent walker yet.  I know that she CAN do it but she is either not confident enough or she realizes that she is much faster when crawling.  Whatever the reason, with her first birthday looming this Thursday I've been stressed about the fact that she isn't standing or walking independently.  So imagine my delight when last night as she stood by the kitchen table with one little hand grasped tightly around the back of the chair, I took her other sweet hand in mine and coaxed her into walking with me.  Hand in hand she and I walked through the living room and down into the entry way to her favorite toy in the house - the stairs.  Luckily she is tall and neither Craig nor myself will have to bend way down to walk with her and hold hands.  No pun intended........but last night was a step in the right direction towards her being an independent walker.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Open House on Tuesday night and a track meet on Wednesday and of course the big first birthday bash on Saturday!

A peek into my day...I really need to upload the photos that I have sitting on my camera.  I've been such a slacker about doing that lately.  Regardless, here is what my couch looks like on a nightly basis.  

A man and his mutts.

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annajanine said...

One year already?! No way! Happy early birthday to Princess Natalie! That first one is a real kicker in the ol' tear ducts :). Can't wait to hear a re-cap, L. (and I'm super annoyed that your new posts don't show up in my dashboard anymore...stopped doing that like 6 months! I must find a way to fix this to keep my Natalie fix in check)