Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sickies

What a week.....

Last Friday Natalie threw up at Ms. Rebecca's house around 10:00 so I left school and picked her up and was at home the rest of the day with her.  She didn't throw up anymore and was acting quite normally so Craig and I proceeded with our previously made plans.  We met my parents for dinner and handed off Natalie to them and we headed off to the Stars game.  Natalie stayed with my parents that night and on Saturday morning I got up early, got a hair-cut and then we went to pick her up.  That afternoon I got the majority of her birthday planning finished up and now I just have a lot of projects to get through in the next week before her party.  

Sunday morning I woke up sick.  Really, really....sick.  Nothing was staying down and with no signs of it stopping, Craig grabbed Natalie and vacated the house by 11:00 that morning with Craig dropping Natalie at his mother's house before he went to his select basketball try-outs.  By 5:00 that afternoon when Craig came home, I was in the fetal position on the floor of the bathroom making my peace with God because I was sure that I wouldn't be living through the night.

It was that bad.

Thank goodness for CVS - Craig was able to buy me some anti-nausea and stomach flu medicine which knocked me out fora  good two hours and allowed me some much needed sleep.  Natalie stayed the night at my mother-in-laws house because we were certain that she did not need to get the germs BACK from me.  I spent all day Monday at home in my bed curled up with my two pups, unable to get up and move around much at all.  I was looking forward to getting my baby girl back at home with me in the evening but unfortunately that was derailed when Craig came home early from track practice because he had caught my bug and had thrown up at school.


I filled him with medicine and we spent the night on the couch and on the bed watching television without our baby girl.  But even though we were missing her neither of us was in any condition to handle an active almost one-year-old.

I went back to work on Tuesday while Craig stayed home and recovered in bed with the pups.  We got Natalie back after school on Tuesday and I was so happy to see her.  Of course there was a little part of my brain that nagged at me "she hasn't seen you in two days, she's forgotten all about you."  But of course that wasn't the case and Craig and I both got lots of big hugs and love.

The rest of the week went by without any major incidents - we both had a track meet on Wednesday night and we all spent the last few nights just hanging out at home.  I guess we needed to lie low after the crazy start to the week.  I'm just thankful that we're all past this junk and we only have one more week until Spring Break!

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