Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stormy Weather

Storm season in north Texas is upon us.  This is what rolled into our little corner of the world yesterday evening and it lasted throughout the night.  I used to really love thunderstorms - I had this great little third floor balcony at my apartment that faced west towards Ft. Worth and I would sit outside and drink a beer while watching the storms roll in towards me.  But now with Natalie I get terrified and freaked out because I can't protect my daughter from the power of a raging tornado.  As we were winding down last night I walked to the front window with her and showed her the storm clouds that threatened from above and we prayed together.  Okay.  Maybe I prayed and she played with the blinds.  But whatever the case, I prayed for the safety of all our loved ones and that the winds would not do too much damage in our neighborhood and across the Metroplex.  And then I looked around my house and thought about some of the scripture I've been studying - all the STUFF that we own, the pictures and memories hanging on the walls, the clothes up in our closets, the warm and cozy beds that we sleep in.......it's all just STUFF.  I can't become anxious about losing all that STUFF because at the end of the day, all I need are my people and my pups.  A house we can rebuild.  New furniture can be bought.  I can't worry about losing family mementos or replacing windows.  It's hard to place that kind of trust in God when as a human my earthly possessions have so much sentimental value to me.  Besides - I'm sure those people in Tennessee earlier this year also had much trust in the Lord and their towns were flattened.  But He is good and He is perfect.  He has a plan and even through my fear while hiding under the stairs I have to trust in Him.

Every Texan worth their salt knows when a dangerous storm is coming.  The skies turn green and the humid, sticky air gets still.  No birds chirp and the dogs pace.  Probably like being in the eye of the hurricane.  Things are too eerily peaceful.  Luckily, last night was not one of those nights.  The skies stayed gray - sure there was lightning and thunder and copious amounts of much needed rain, but there were no tornadoes.  

But just in case, when I came home........Craig had already cleaned out the closet under the stairs.

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