Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Day Book

Outside my is sunny and chilly.  The leaves have finally started to fall off the trees.

I am many things.

I am thankful for...a warm puppy dog always willing to cuddle next to me.

From the learning rooms...we've been out of school for a week for Thanksgiving and now we will go back for three and a half weeks before Christmas vacation.  So that means I've got two Cross Country meets to win until we go for three district championships.

From the kitchen...I made four casseroles this week for Thanksgiving - two pineapple au gratin and two broccoli cheese.  Both were yummy and almost totally finished off at our two Thanksgiving celebrations.

I am wearing...a t-shirt and shorts and my hair in a ponytail.  Natalie is wearing turquoise footie pajamas with a white and pink polar bear on the front while Angie is sporting her fur coat and a "don't touch me while I'm resting" expression on her face.

I am creating...Natalie's perfect Christmas outfits!  I found a really beautiful cream, pink and charcoal gray plaid dress with matching onesie (complete with Peter Pan collar) at Gymboree and I got both pieces on sale for $23.00!  Combined with a pair of black tights and some black Mary Jane shoes, that is going to be her "fancy" Christmas outfit.  Her "fun" Christmas outfit is a little more complicated and involves Pinterest and Joann's fabric store.  Through the kindness of others we were gifted with some hand-me-down Christmas items for Natalie including red and white striped tights and a very cute Christmas reindeer shirt.  I have been scouring Pinterest for easy Christmas tutu designs and I think I have a plan formulated to create a super cute Christmas outfit for my little girl.  The best part is?!  The tutu does not require any sewing.  Whew!

I am eat lunch and see Breaking Dawn with my good friend Beri this afternoon.  She and I coached together with my husband and our other friend Doug for three years at MMS.  The four of us were quite the team - just in the three years we worked together our girls won one 8th grade Division I volleyball championship, two 8th grade Division I basketball championships (back-to-back) and one 7th grade Cross Country championship.  Sure, we got pretty lucky with the caliber of athletes that came through our school, but what made us REALLY great was the friendship and teamwork that we modeled for the girls.  All four of us were such great friends that we were ALL in one wedding - Craig and I as groom and bride with Doug and Beri as groomsman and bridesmaid.

I am reading...not enough.

I am hoping...that the end of the year comes quickly.  I am looking forward to starting fresh in 2012.

I am hearing...not much.  Natalie just went down for a nap and Craig is sleeping in the other room.

Around the house...the house is sufficiently decorated for Christmas this year.  We've got ideas on how we'd like to add or change things for next year so I think we're going to try and hit up the after Christmas sales to stock up on cheap decor.

One of my favorite  That is all for right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lots going on again this week!
Monday: Craig's basketball games
Wednesday: My Cross Country meet
Thursday: Craig's basketball games
Friday-Saturday: Craig's basketball tournament (I have to work it on Friday night)
Sunday: Rest before we do it all again the next week!

A picture to share:
This is my new boyfriend Tim.  Despite what others might say, I think that he's pretty awesome.

So awesome in fact....that I've asked for a shirt like this for Christmas.

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