Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby Shower Bonanza

On Sunday, November 20th my mother and I threw a small shower for my very good friend Kate in celebration of her little girl that is due at the beginning of January.  Kate and I have known each other since we were born - literally.  Our mothers met in a Bible Study class when they were both pregnant and then worked together at a pre-school for many years as well.  Kate and I grew up together and she is a staple figure in all of my childhood photos.  In the past few years she has thrown not just one, but TWO beautiful showers for me - one for the wedding and the other for Natalie.  My mother and I were both so excited to be able to put together a beautiful shower for Kate and her little girl Audrey.
The cake table in the garden room.

The cake people were able to mimic the scroll work of the invitation onto the cake.  Gorgeous!
**Oh...and hello Miss Natalie and Andy the pup in the background!**

I'm so excited that Natalie will have a life-long friend just like Kate and I did.  It's so fun to see our 8 year-old dreams and life plans come to fruition!  We were both bridesmaids in each other's weddings and now our little girls are going to be so close in age and will be playmates!

This was a baby shower game that I was inspired by on Pinterest - it's How to Take Care of Audrey....MAD LIBS!

First you fill out the envelope with ANY word that comes to mind that fits the part of speech - verb, noun, adjective, etc.

Then you fill in the blanks with the corresponding word and voila!  Advice for Kate and her husband Karl on how to take care of baby Audrey.  Some of them turned out to be pretty funny and it was a great way to break the ice with everyone.

The food table consisted of: chicken salad and croissants, veggie platter, nuts, fruit salad, quiche and spicy crab dip with crackers.  Yummy.
The table in it's entirety.  Kate is decorating the nursery in creams, browns and greens with a more pastoral feel so we went more natural in the colors.  Luckily those are the same colors as my house and I was able to use many of my decorations from home.

Kate and her cake!  You can't even tell she's pregnant in this picture!  She looks FANTASTIC!

Ahh...there's the baby bump...and the grandma-to-be, Miss Becky.

Kate in the middle with my mom and me on either side!

Happy shower Kate!  I can't wait to meet baby Audrey!

And fingers crossed she comes out with beautiful ginger locks!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the shower and the write-up you did! It was a fine party. If you get a chance, I'd love a copy of the photo with Kate, you and me.
Baci, MOM