Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Great Saturday

Today was a good day.  Just one of those perfect Saturdays when there are no time constraints but instead just a general idea of things to get accomplished with plenty of room for naps and watching football.  Craig, Natalie and I started our day with lunch at Red Robin and Natalie was just delightful.  Even though she didn't get a very good night sleep due to the congestion she's been struggling with, she was giggly and smiling throughout lunch and thoroughly enjoyed her bits of hamburger bun and french fries that we indulged her in.  Afterwards we had to do some grocery shopping at Walmart as well as get some more stuff for Christmas.  She absolutely loves going to the store because there are so many things for her to look at.  She was such a good little girl sitting in the seat and staying quiet but attentive and she even managed to keep her hands to herself, her shoes on her feet AND her mouth off the shopping cart handle!  We came home and all of us took much needed afternoon naps which were followed up by a delicious dinner of homemade "fried" chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and peas for me and carrots for Craig.  The only bummer is that Natalie's croup is still giving her coughing fits which makes it difficult for her to fall asleep.  Hopefully the humidifier, the ibuprofen and baby vicks on her chest and feet will help her to feel better fast.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a day like today - we've got to get some laundry done and we're going to try to put away the Halloween decor and I'd like to stroll down to the park for a bit with Natalie and Angie but nothing is set in stone and that feels really great.

And a few things I just want to remember from this week....

- Natalie on the floor of the bathroom playing with the brown fabric laundry basket and all of a's flipping over and covering her completely!  Silence and stillness.  And then a whimper.

- A sick baby girl cuddled up on my chest under a blanket with a puppy dog lying at my feet on the couch while we watch Alabama versus LSU on a chilly Saturday night.

- Buying a four foot Christmas tree for the living room (our big tree will be moved to the dining room out of the reach of little chubby baby hands) on the fifth day of November and my husband insisting that we get in the holiday spirit by putting the tree up....THAT VERY SAME AFTERNOON.

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