Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas List

Craig and I have really cut down on our spending in the last few months and because of it I have been able to really put together a good Christmas list for my family that is full of things that I actually want and am excited about unwrapping.  Here are just a few things I'm hoping Santa is leaving underneath the tree for me.

This year I have found that music has become pivotal in the journey through pregnancy, PPD and the ongoing recovery.  These are just a few of the albums that have inspired me and somehow filled my soul and put my feelings into beautiful words.
Adele - 21
Did anyone see that SNL skit where the office workers would turn on "Someone Like You" secretly and cry and then a person would come in and join them and then the whole office was crying together?  It was on a few weeks ago when Emma Stone hosted.  Absolutely brilliant and so true.  This song was playing on the radio when I pulled into school on the morning of the anniversary of Craig's father's death.  I was just so filled with sadness and anger for Craig and Natalie and the loss of a father and grandfather that they both will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Florence + the Machine - Lungs
It's no secret that I did not enjoy the first four months of pregnancy - maybe that's where the seeds for PPD were sown.  The reality of my pregnancy did NOT match up with the image that I had in my head - I didn't expect to be throwing up twice a day for four months straight!  "The Dog Days are Over" was a song that became popular around the time that I was emerging from the pregnancy nausea and I was beginning to become excited about being pregnant and having a baby girl.  When I hear this song it just brings me back to those moments of joy and excitement about where my life was heading and sometimes I still need that reminder.

Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials
This is their newer CD and the first release off of it is "Shake It Off" which is definitely a message I need to hear over and over and over.  I've been listening to a Florence + the Machine station on Pandora and I've heard a few more songs off of this album and I'm super excited about what I've heard so far.
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
This band is from Britain and their songs remind me of sitting in a bar in London a few years ago when I went to Europe with my friend Kristin.  Craig and I have decided that our next trip to Europe will be to tour England, Scotland and Ireland and when I hear this band I just picture the two of us sitting in a local pub in Dublin drinking and laughing just like we used to when we were dating.  Sometimes I miss those nights spent at Buffalo Wild Wings watching sports, drinking beer and playing poker....and of course the flirting between us.

The Black Keys - Brothers
I don't have as much of an emotional attachment to this band and album, but it's just full of good, funky rock music - almost reminds me of the Kings of Leon (my personal fave).

Clothing: I hardly buy fun clothes for myself - especially winter clothes since I'm usually running around in windpants and a hoodie but I do need a few cute pieces for Stars games or holiday parties.....or just because I want to look nice.  Here are a few things that I have my eye on:
Old Navy Sweetheart bootcut jeans
I have always had the hardest time finding jeans that fit my long legs in length but don't gap at the waist.  Back when I was single and had a more expendable income I didn't mind plunking down $100 for a pair of jeans, but with a baby and Christmas coming up that just isn't feasible on our budget.  Craig and I went to Old Navy on Monday to look for some jeans for me and I was pretty nervous - most of my jeans shopping growing up ended with me (and my mother) in tears.  I was so excited to find that the Sweetheart bootcut fit me perfectly in the waist and rear AND were long enough that I have to cuff them when I wear the jeans with Converse!  Perfect!  We went ahead and bought me one pair but Craig took a picture of the tag so I'm hoping that he might run back there and get me a pair in maybe a different wash.

Target cable knit and toggle sweater
I love the chunky coziness of this sweater - and in Texas during the winter this would be perfect to throw over a cute top and jeans and still be warm!

Studio Paolo Vienna boot
Craig and I found these at JC Penney on Monday and I tried them on and they fit absolutely perfectly!  I love the "riding" boot look and I definitely need a low heel.  I took a look at the price on the bottom of the boot - $130.  Ugh.  Out of the budget for Christmas boots this year.....until Craig asked the lady if there were any sales this week on boots.  And HURRAY!!!  These boots were on sale for $59.99 with an additional $10 coupon at the register for a grand total of $49.99!  That's MUCH better.  Craig put these on hold and I think a member of his family was going to swing by the store later and purchase them for me.

HARRY POTTER: My absolute favorite book series....EVER.  Words cannot express how much I love these books and even the movies are almost as good as the books!  I have HP4, 6 and 7 in hardback and so I'm looking to complete my collection with HP 1, 2, 3 and 5 in hardback as well.

And then....the final movie with one of the most terrifying battle scenes ever.  No.  I'm not joking - I had so much anxiety and fear when Voldemort and the Death Eaters were waiting outside Hogwarts.  I also can't wait to share these movies and books with Natalie someday.

Natalie's Bath Renovation: Right now in the spare bathroom it's pretty basic - a leftover turquoise and beige shower curtain from my apartment, a tan rug and white and chrome accessories.  Since this is going to be Natalie's bathroom as a little girl and then into her teenage years (given we stay in this house) I wanted to update it to be a little bit more girly.  Her bedroom is definitely NOT the typical "girly" room - it's decorated in turquoise, lime green and chocolate polka dot so I figured the bathroom could be a little bit more frilly.  I really love the Shabby Chic collection at Target for bathroom stuff....this is the stuff I've put on my list!
Pink and white rose petal bath towels

Pink and white washrags

Glass shower curtain hangers

Light pink and white rose shower curtain

Fluffy white bathroom rug

I tried to choose stuff that would match the bathroom accessories I already have as well as a beautiful pink and white "baby girl" picture frame that I received at one of my baby showers. now that I look at my WHOLE list....I feel a bit greedy!!  BUT - none of the items are terribly expensive and most of it is stuff that is more or less necessary to my life (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)  The good news is that for once in a very long time, I'm really EXCITED about what might be under the tree for me because I've held off buying myself the things that I want.  

What are YOU hoping is under your Christmas tree?!

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