Friday, February 17, 2012

Product Placement

It's been a rough couple of weeks in our house due to Natalie's severe allergy to sleeping.  For the past week and a half Craig and I have been up and down with her almost every night and many nights I slept with her cuddled up next to me in our bed.  Okay.  SHE slept next to me while I mildly dozed.  We couldn't really figure out what was wrong with her and we went through our mental checklist repeatedly.  No snotty nose.  Just a mild and rare cough.  No fever (except for one day).  Fine during the day.  No teeth poking through the gums.  Eating well and normal bowel movements.  There wasn't really anything that stood out to us as a problem that would keep her up at night.  Finally while giving her a nighttime bottle I realized that she was snorting and snoring just a bit which led me to believe that she might have some deep congestion up in her nasal passages.  I didn't think it was anything worth taking her to the doctor over so we just headed up to Target to see what we could get over the counter to help with the congestion.  

And I found this thing and I think it has helped least I know that she is sleeping better.  It's a plug-in vapor mist thing that makes her whole room smell like VaporRub without me having to smear it on her chest.  You just change out the insert every night and it lasts about eight hours and has a cool blue nightlight attached as well.  Combined with some saline and decongestant drops up her nose, the congestion has improved and she is sleeping a lot better during the night.  
So if you every have a stuffy baby nose this winter I would highly suggest buying this product!  Heck - I would use it for Craig and myself if we ever have a sinus infection or something!

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