Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Booking

Outside my was a blustery day today that without wind was probably warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt but the windchill had everyone in hoodies and sweatpants.  Now it is dark and calm outside with the hint of spring on the way soon.

I am thinking......all the possible ways that Natalie's birthday party could be a complete and utter disaster.  It's not productive thinking in the least.

I am thankful......that I was able to have a better weekend than the one before.  Things were calm - not just physically but spiritually and emotionally.  Natalie was cooperative and I did lots of laundry.  Craig and I were able to sneak out of the house for dinner and a Stars game at Buffalo Wild Wings in celebration of the end of basketball season.

In the kitchen......Craig made tilapia last night with zucchini and roasted potatoes - Natalie ate it all up.

I am favorite school t-shirt (XC district champs) with muddy paw prints all over the front.

I am lists for Natalie's birthday celebration.  We're going to need more plates and silverware and I've got a whole list of "week of" stuff that we need to purchase.

I am have a quiet week at home with my family this week.  No volleyball, no basketball, no track.  Just us.

I am do I get that little voice in my head that screams "you can't" to shut up?!

I am reading......a lot this week because I am committing myself to not watching any of my DVR television shows.  This is proving to be more difficult than I originally expected.

I am hoping......that my shoulder feels better soon.  I don't know if it's something torn or just a little inflammation but my hitting and throwing arm is killing me.  I hate being injured.

I am looking forward momma bringing me Subway tomorrow for lunch at my house.  She'll be up in the area visiting a friend during the morning so she's going to stop over at my house for a mother-daughter-no grandbaby lunch with just me.

I am learning......more and more about friendship.  I have a wonderful friendship blossoming with a co-worker named Shemika.  She and I come from completely opposite sides of the spectrum as far as our childhoods go but it is so neat to see how we connect over our similarities and educate over our differences. My friendship with her might be one of the most enlightening and fascinating relationships that I've ever had.

Around the house......THERE IS NO DIRTY LAUNDRY.  Read it and be jealous.  I myself can't quite believe it but I'm putting it out there in internet history.  Our household has three closets totally full of clean clothes and three hampers devoid of any dirty laundry.  If the rest of the week goes completely down the drain, at least I have this moment of glory.

I am pondering......a hair cut and the appropriateness of tights on my body type and a woman of my age.  Hey.  The Simple Woman never says this stuff has to be Earth shattering personal revelations.

A favorite quote for today......I'm so terrible with quotes.  Most of the ones that come to mind are from songs that played on the radio or funny stuff that my kids said during the day.  Nothing really meaningful or memorable.  I guess my favorite quote lately has been Natalie shouting at the dogs when they wrestle around the living room "A-ja, Ah-jie, dog-dog!"  She can't stand when they're playing with each other and not with her - maybe she does need a little brother or sister around to remind her that she is not the center of our universe!  Ha!

One of my favorite things......Florence + the Machine.  During my 5th period conference, I turn on my iTunes and plug in my headphones and zone out - usually while surfing around my friends' blogs.........and Pinterest.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just Bible Study tomorrow night and a Stars game on Friday night.  That feels so good to write.  We really have a low-key week.  Hallelujah.

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