Friday, February 17, 2012

My Sheryl

Remember the Titans
Walt Disney, 2000

Thursday night I took Natalie to watch Craig's Division I basketball team play in the first round of the district tournament, a game which he won by a sturdy twenty points.  But this obviously isn't the first time she's spent the evening in a gym but last night when I saw her sitting on the bench in the stands like a big girl, I had a flashback to the little girl featured in the video above.

This will be my child.

Well, I hope it is.  I want her to share our love of sports and competition.  I want her to feel the same passion and joy that her father and I did when we were growing up and playing team sports.  I want her to be her daddy's sidekick in the stands and on the sidelines.  I want her to grow up running around the gym helping the big girls during practice.  I want her to look forward to Daddy-daughter date nights at Stars and Mavericks games - with appropriate team colored hair bows and pigtails of course.  

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