Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

She woke up in such a great mood today.  Maybe she was excited about her outfit or maybe it was the prospect of showering her friends with love, but she was all giggles and smiles this morning as we were getting ready for our day.

I bought her entire outfit (except for the shoes) at our local Once Upon a Child resale shop and it cost me a grand total of twenty bucks.  She looks like such a big girl today with her skirt and leggings and she was so proud to drop off all her goodies for the boys at Ms. Rebecca's house.

We went out for our "official" Valentine's Day dinner and dessert last night.  Since our anniversary is only a month away, Craig and I decided that we should celebrate Valentine's Day as a family and so we had dinner at Cotton Patch and then headed over to the cookie store for a little treat.  I had a scoop of ice cream while Natalie and Craig had cookies but I did allow Natalie a taste of my mint chocolate chip.  Whoops.  She was trying to climb out of her high chair to get to my cup of ice cream sitting on the table.  We will give her our Valentine's Day present this afternoon which consists of a teddy bear, a touch and feel book (her favorite) and a Little People SUV with baby and mommy to go with her Little People house.

My sweet husband did take the time to order me some Valentine's Day flowers last week on February 8th.  He ordered them from the same local place that did our wedding flowers whose owner happens to be a friend of his mother's.  Unfortunately there was a new woman working the front desk and instead of noting that the flowers were to be sent out on the 14th, she put together the bouquet and had them delivered last Wednesday.  I was a little surprised when my friend from the front office walked into my 4th period class with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers from me - I figured Craig had sent them just as a way to say "sorry you're having a rough week."  I emailed him and said thank you and he was shocked because they weren't supposed to arrive until today!  He called the flower shop back and brought the mistake to their attention and the owner apologized profusely and promised another round of flowers would be sent to my school on the appropriate day.  So this Valentine's Day I received another extraordinary bouquet of roses and orchids which was delivered again during my 4th period class.  I'm sure those 6th grade girls think that I have the most fabulous and romantic husband for sending me flowers two times in less than one week!

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