Friday, January 20, 2012


I absolutely adore Vera Bradley.  Here are a few of my favorites AND what I'm hoping might be wrapped up for me as an anniversary present in March.
Compact Wallet in Sittin' in a Tree
My first Vera Bradley purchase at the store in Southlake Town Center a few years ago.  It was the perfect wallet size for the amount of stuff I carry in my purse (which is not much).

Hipster in Rhythm and Blues
I received this purse for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I use it almost everyday.  I really like it because it holds all my stuff but keeps my hands free for when I'm lugging Natalie in and out of the car.  Plus........all the middle school girls at work LOVE that I have a Hipster just like the ones they wear.

Travel Wallet in Lemon Parfait
Craig bought me this for Mother's Day last year - it is perfect for when we travel because I can easily hold onto all our boarding passes, trip information and drivers licenses.

Villager in Lemon Parfait
This was probably my costliest Vera Bradley purchase and it is by far the largest bag I own.  It is great for overnight trips to grandparent's houses for Natalie or a carry-on bag for the airplane.  I also used it all during volleyball season to lug my game clothes to and from the school on Mondays and Thursdays.

Zip ID Case in Lemon Parfait
This was the cheapest thing I've ever bought from Vera Bradley ($12.00) and it is the thing I use the most.  I don't carry a lot of STUFF in my wallet - my license and a few debit cards is about it.  If I was to recommend one VB purchase for a new mom it would be this little lovely darling.  I put my keys on the keychain, my stuff in the zipper pouch and I can fit the whole thing in my back pocket of my jeans when cruising through Target with Natalie.  I HATE having to lug around a bunch of stuff so I try to keep it minimal.  For example - when we went to the town center in Southlake on Monday, I stuffed her diaper bag in the bottom of the stroller and put this wallet and my phone in the back zipper pouch of the stroller.  It is really a lifesaver for me.  And the added bonus?  Natalie loves to chew on it while relaxing in the cart at the store and it keeps her quiet and focused without having to bring along a different toy for her.

Messenger bag in Pucci
I actually don't think they make this style of bag anymore - we had to search on Ebay to find this particular style.  This pattern is one of the older ones and I like it because it's not too terribly girly.  This bag is Natalie's "diaper" bag, although that was not the original purpose for this style.  VB actually makes a baby bag but after looking at one in the store, I decided that it was a little too big and bulky for me to carry around.  I also like this bag because it fits everything that Natalie needs without allowing me to over pack and carry TOO much.  (Yes, there is such a thing as having too much stuff for your baby)  And when she's done with needing a diaper bag it will be a great school bag for her someday or a bag to pack and take with us on trips!  And it also goes over one shoulder and across the body for hands free carrying which is important to me when taking Natalie out and about.

Small Cosmetic in Island Blooms
One of my cute sixth grade girls came into the coaching office this morning super proud of the new Hipster she got yesterday in this pattern.  Let me tell you - this picture (and the ones through the VB website) do not do this pattern justice.  It is bright aqua and lime green - two of my favorite colors.  I am in love.  It might actually be my all time favorite pattern.  So of course, after this child left the office I had to get online to see what types of products I could try and talk Craig into getting me for either Valentine's Day or our anniversary.  Maybe a cosmetics bag?  Hmm.  I'm a pretty practical shopper - I really try to shop based on NEEDS versus WANTS because when I get too many of the "NEEDS" I tend to have a super cluttered house and we all know that's one of my pet peeves.  I just don't like buying things that I don't see myself using on a regular basis so I'm really going to have to think about what I would need to own in this particular pattern.

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