Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend with the Pups

When we were buying the house, I was a little skeptical of why Craig so badly wanted a pool in the backyard. I was convinced that we could buy a better house with our money if we didn't have the stipulation of a pool as a "must-have."

I should probably trust Craig more often.

Just last week, I had my friend Beri, my friend Emily and her two boys and my college roomie Lauren over to the house on three separate occasions to swim and relax by the pool. It really is a joy to be able to invite people over on these hot Texas summer days to jump in the (warm) refreshing water. And there have also been a few times when I've come home from running errands and found Craig floating in the water; shades and hat on and beer in hand. So Craig was right - the pool was definitely worth the more detailed house hunting experience. And it turns out that with a little convincing on a hot day, Angie will climb aboard a raft for a little lounging in the water as well!

On Friday morning Craig and I drove down to my parent's house and went out to breakfast at IHOP with them. They were about to leave for the Galveston area for the weekend to attend a family friend's daughter's wedding on the Gulf. Unfortunately, their two terriers Andy and Annabelle were not invited on this weekend getaway and Craig and I had graciously volunteered to take care of the pups...BEFORE we had gotten Angie. But when you already have one dog, what's another eight little legs wandering around our house?! We might have been a little crazy and we were definitely a little nervous considering Angie's timidness and insecurity around unfamiliar dogs and people. The weekend went relatively uneventful - Angie did have a few messes on the floors, but I think it was because she felt that her sanctuary had been invaded. For the most part the pups (or "the pack" as Craig called them because of their propensity to run everywhere together) played well - lots of fetch, tug of war and lounging around either snuggled next to or on top of Craig and myself. Andy and Annabelle returned home this evening around 6:00 and I think Angie kind of missed them at first. She roamed around the house sniffing the scents left behind by her cousins...but eventually seemed to relish in the fact that she now has her Momma and Daddy all to herself again. Regardless of how she felt about their visit...she is exhausted and is currently sacked out next to me in the bed, lying on her Aggie blanket.

Coming up this week Craig and I are going to attempt to get some stuff done for the wedding:
Tuesday: flower appointment at 5:00
Thursday: cake tasting and decorating appointment at 1:00
Sometime: begin buying "thank you" presents for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, readers, ushers, parents and little ones in our wedding

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