Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Cake Inspirations

This Thursday Craig, my mother and I are all going to the Hot Chocolates bakery in my hometown to take cakes and discuss designs for the wedding and groom cakes. We aren't really looking at any other bakeries because this particular place is co-owned by a very good and longtime friend of the family. They know me and know my personality - they aren't "frou-frou" but yet create beautiful and interesting (and yummy!) cakes. Craig already knows what he wants - red velvet with some sort of Dallas Stars theme. I am going to taste classic white, amaretto, italian creme and butter rum to see what I want for the bridal cake.

The tasting part will be easy, but it's the design that will be the difficult part. In preparation for discussing the design, I'm going to bring the following pictures in to show so that they have some sort of idea of what I want.
I chose this cake because of the hexagonal shape. I think that it is unique and a little bit different from the traditional circular or the square cakes. As for the design on this cake, I like the more modern look as well as the interchanging designs from level to level.
I love this design - almost the damask style pattern but I have a feeling that it has fondant icing on it and I absolutely HATE fondant icing. It looks all rubbery and sugary and just grosses me out. If I were to have something like this, I would probably have some curly-q's green and the other ones brown. I probably need to run up to the fabric store and grab a few swatches of the colors I want in my wedding so that Lori (the cake lady) has a better idea of the colors to use on the cake. Note to self...

I'm not sure why I chose this cake, but I like the idea that it's chocolate icing and not the traditional shade of white that you find on the bridal cakes. Our wedding is definitely going to have a "nature" theme (which is kind of funny because we are not outdoorsy people) and I would kind of like for my cake to reflect that theme.

This was another idea that I had - writing the key phrase from "our song" (All I Want Is You by U2) somewhere on the cake. I wouldn't have it as the MAIN look on the cake like this one, but instead I would work it into the overall nature theme. It's another thought...

This cake is pretty similar to the other damask-like pattern cake that I featured above except for one thing: the flowers. I absolutely do NOT want real flowers on my cake. It's a little too traditional and "bridal" for me. I definitely want a more modern and simplistic look to my cake. And plus - it kind of grosses me out that the flowers are going to be touching things that people are going to be eating.

I like this cake for the damask patterns again, as well as the green and brown colors (except for the bright green). The only part that I don't like is the stripes because it's not part of my "chic forest modern hippie" wedding motif.

I've shown this cake before and I really like the simplicity and I can tell that it's NOT fondant which is refreshing because it seems like most cakes nowadays are fondant. I like the delicate branches and little flowers because I think that it reflects what I will have on my wedding invitations. Obviously I would have my own colors...maybe a light green icing with white flowers.
I think that I'm going to bring these pictures, along with the swatches of fabric and a couple of invitations that I have found that I like to the meeting with the cake ladies so that I can really show them what I want. We shall see!!!

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