Thursday, June 11, 2009

Registry Fun

Somehow, I got Craig to go register at Target on Thursday night. I was a bit nervous just because it seems that every new experience makes me nervous these days. I had a list printed out from the Target website about all the things that I needed to buy for the house. We're in a tough spot with registering in general - I lived on my own for three years before we bought this house and since buying the house, we've been blessed financially to be able to fill the house with furniture and decorations. There aren't too many things in the stores that we really NEED. Now there is plenty stuff that we could WANT, but I have a hard time justifying asking people to buy me things that aren't absolutely necessary for us to survive. I could have registered for a bread maker, a vegetable steamer or a electric vegetable chopper...but I don't really anticipate any need for those in the future. My mother somehow managed to cook delicious and healthy meals for the 18 years that I lived at home without the help of any of these items. And also - I don't have any idea where I'm going to STORE all the stuff that I'm not going to use!

Having said that...there are a few things that we really do need like new silverware, serving platters, plates, towels and outdoor equipment. And there is one thing on my list that I have absolutely NO idea how I'm going to use it but I want to have it on display in my kitchen: I really don't know what one does with a mixer like this, but it's in ice blue...and I love it.
Our general colors in the house go as follows:
Formal Dining room: green walls with darn iron and glass table, chairs and hutch
Living Room: Dark brown furniture with cream couches and brown and light green accents
Kitchen: Dark brown cabinets with dishes, towels and accessories in chocolate brown and baby blue
Master Bedroom: Dark brown furniture with green bedding
Hmm...I'm starting to see a pattern. I guess the green is just really relaxing for me and that's what I want most out of my house. Craig was surprisingly a great help in choosing items such as curtains for the bedroom and living room. My first thought was chocolate brown in the living room, because that's what I had at my apartment. Craig said that since all our furniture is dark brown, maybe we should go for a coordinating color like the light green. And he was totally right. I just appreciated the fact that he understood that picking out things such as curtains is important to me and he was very supportive.
Our next step is to register at Crate and Barrel for items such as glasses, serving ware, fun decorative items, silverware and kitchen towels, napkins and placemats.

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