Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Adjusted - by Angie

Hello everyone! Momma's enjoying her coffee this morning and left the computer open and I decided it was a good time to introduce myself! When Momma and Mr. Craig (I'm working on the Dad thing with him) came to my shelter on Saturday I saw them walking around looking at everyone and then took out the big basset hound Truffles. I knew that she wasn't the dog for them. After being in the shelter awhile, you figure out what type of dog people are looking for. And for those two...I just knew Truffles was going to be too big. When they came back in they were looking around and I tried my best to sit quietly and look cute. I had overheard them talking about how they wanted a quiet and calm dog. Apparently it worked and soon I was being taken outside to walk the path. I bonded quickly with Laura...she could tell I was a bit shy and nervous so she took her time and really showed me love. Mr. Craig wasn't really interacting with me and when he leaned down to pet me I got really nervous. Where I used to live, there was a big man that wasn't very nice to me and I'm trying to trust Mr. Craig and know that he's not that type of person, but it's very difficult. At the end of the walk, Laura bent down to my head and asked me if I like her. Duh lady! She was perfect! Very calm and loving...what dog WOULDN'T want to go live with her?! I gave her a big lick to tell her YES - TAKE ME! And soon after that I was riding in her lap in her car to my new home.

Momma and Mr. Craig's house is very big with lots of tile and wood floors for me to slide around on. I think they also like the floors for me because sometimes when I get nervous or scared I tend to "leak." I can't help it...I just don't ever want to be treated like my old owners and slowly I'm learning that they won't do that to me. I have lots of places in the house that I like to lay: in the living room on my big pillow, on the green blanket covered couch with Momma, upstairs in my green bed by the window and in the mornings...on the big bed with my Aggie blanket. As much as Momma loves me, I don't think she likes my brown hair shedding on her nice furniture so she tries to keep it covered up. She did give me a very comfortable Aggie blanket that is all mine - it's how I know what and where I can lay. When I first came home I got a pink stuffed pig with squeaker and rope arms and legs to play with...but it's now sitting on the countertop waiting to be stitched together by MeMa. I couldn't help myself - I wanted that squeaker out of Ms. Piggy!!! So now I have a rubber ball and a Tug-of-War rope that I play with although I've been so stressed out from all the changes that I'm not really in a playing mood.

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Craig was working a basketball tournament so Momma took me to her parent's house. Again...I was nervous - I didn't know where we were going and I was hoping that she wasn't taking me somewhere to get rid of me. When we showed up there were two CRAZY terriers waiting for me! They were going nuts at the sight of me and had to be restrained by their parents (Momma's Mom and Dad). I absolutely did NOT want to be there so I tried to hide out in the front dining room. But my Mom came and got me everytime and forced me to interact with those other dogs. I know that people probably think I'm a scaredy-cat when they first meet me. I don't open up to people or other dogs very easily because it's hard for me to trust. I don't know if the new person or dog is going to be nice! Soon though, I figured out that these new pups (Andy and Annabelle) were going to be just fine - they were just excited because they love playing with other dogs! They had so many toys to choose from and lots with squeakers! I played nice though and didn't rip anything up. One thing that Andy had that I LOVED was a tennis ball! Apparently, he isn't used to sharing his ball and got a little upset when I tried to take it from him. He growled and then was put in time-out by his Mom in his kennel. Apparently that's where MY mom learned about time-out. Hmph. After the ball was put away for good, I had a good time rolling around, chasing through the backyard and wrestling with toys. They are coming to stay this weekend with Momma and Mr. Craig. I know Mom and I are excited but I'm not too sure about Mr. Craig - he seems to get a little more frustrated with me sometimes.

Last night was really tough. Mom had dinner plans with one of her friends and left me at the house with Mr. Craig for two hours!!! At first, I didn't know what to do so I paced up the stairs and down the stairs for awhile. Craig didn't like that but I just couldn't settle down - I felt a little scared that I had been abandoned...again. We went outside and I lounged in the grass while he messed with the pool. I'm not a real big fan of being outside - I would rather be cuddle up on the couch with Mom watching TV. When we came back inside I was getting really frustrated. Where was my Momma!? And why had she left me alone with Mr. Craig? Sometimes I think he likes me but he isn't as open and obvious with his love like Mom. So...in my frustration, I did something really bad. REALLY bad. While he was in the bathroom, I pottied (as in No. 2) on the rug in the dining room. I know. I know. It wasn't the best way to show my frustration or my anger but I couldn't help it...I had to get his attention! Sigh. When Momma came home I was super excited but she was worried, I could tell. She and Mr. Craig had a conversation about my relationship with him. It's really frustrating her because she wants us to get along but it's just not that easy - for either of us. I have to learn to trust him and he has to learn to love me (even when I make mistakes). I guess she'll just have to leave us alone together more often so we can bond, even though I hate that she leaves.

I think one of my favorite things about living here is the duck pond! Everyday Momma takes me on a long walk around the duck pond and back through the trails by our house. There are tons of things for me to sniff, but sometimes I get tired. I didn't get a lot of work-outs at the shelter! But Momma says the walks are just as good for her as they are for me...she says she needs to lose weight, but I think she's perfect.

All in all, I am very lucky to live in this house - I've got love, toys, food, and lots of great places to snuggle up and nap. I'll keep you guys posted on my transition from shelter dog to family pet!

Here I am with Mr. Craig. See? He doesn't look too excited about me. :(
Here I am with my momma, Laura. She and I bonded right away.

Here is my crazy cousin Andy. We get along really well as long as there are no tennis balls around!

Here is my cousin Annabelle. She is very low-key and loves to be petted and cuddled even more than me!

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