Monday, June 15, 2009

Change is in the Air

It's no secret as to how Craig and I met: we both coach at the same school. I coach girl's volleyball and he is the head girl's basketball coach. We were friends for several years before finally "officially" dating, but according to our friends, we were dating way before that. There are no rules in our district against co-workers dating...but when that couple gets engaged and finally married, that's when it gets a little dicey.

Here's the bottom line: we can both stay at our school through the 09-10 school year but at the end of next year, one of us has to go. And that person, unfortunately, will be me. Not because Craig is the boss of me but because he has a pretty sweet deal worked out with our principal regarding use of the gyms forhis select basketball practices and tournaments. Another principal might not be as permissive as our current one.

It's also not a secret as to how awfully I deal with change in my life. I don't like not knowing what is going to happen because then I can't mentally prepare myself. The past few months have been a little stressful regarding the job situation because I was resistant to changing schools, yet didn't necessarily want to wait until next year and be possibly out of luck. I would ultimately prefer to stay in my current feeder zone (one of the three middle schools that all feed into the same high school) because they are all close to my house and also because the Girl's Coordinator at the high school happens to be Craig's younger sister.

In order to make myself more marketable as a coach, I chose to get certified in Physical Eduaction by taking a TEXES exam last week. I got the results and I passed with about a 93% (you have to get at least an 80 to pass) on the test. Although I was extremely nervous taking the test, I wasn't surprised by my results...I'm a pretty good test taker. Anyways. Craig and I have talked about our future family plans and the general idea is for me to continue coaching until we have our first child. After that, I would look for strictly a classroom or PE position. Although I love coaching volleyball, raising a child with two coaches in the family would be incredibly difficult. I also have a feeling that, like my friend Beri, once I find out that I am pregnant the only priority in my life will be taking care of that baby and the transition out of coaching will be rather easy.

So. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my principal to discuss the plan for me for next school year. After a little bit of thought, a discussion with Craig and my mother and texting my friend Jennifer, I have decided that it would probably be in not only the best interest of my career but also in the best interest of my relationship and future marriage to move schools this year. Yes. It will be sad to not be right down the hall from Beri and Craig and the numerous other people I have grown to know and love...but at the end of the day I can't stay at a school because of other people. I have to make the best decision for me and my family.

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The Voskuil's said...

Try moving to Spain!!! I totally understand about the freaking out part of the "unknown future!" I am such a planner and I don't even know what our new place looks like..eeek!