Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Favors

One thing that Craig and I really have in common and bonded over in the beginning of our friendship and then relationship is sports. We both love coaching our respective specialties; basketball for him and volleyball for me. We have season tickets to the Stars but also try to hit up a few Mavericks and Cowboys games during the year as well.

We probably could have had an entire sports themed wedding...but I thought that might be a little over the top, as well as something I might regret later in life. :) But I still want to do something that shows our mutual love for sports so I'm thinking about giving out volleyball and basketball cookies as the favors for our wedding like the ones below, but with our monogram (LNC or CNL) on them.

I was also thinking about putting them into little plastic bags (not the ziploc kind) with stickers on them that say "We hope you had a ball! Love, Craig and Laura." Is that cheesy?!


The Voskuil's said...

Just advice that was given to me, so I am giving to you...again! On your initials when you do them together, it's always the woman's initials first...LNC. If you want, I don't think it matters any particular way these days, but I learned that from Martha Stewart!

The Cheese said...

Good to know! That Martha Stewart...what would we do without her! I never knew which way it went, but I'm glad I'm first. :)