Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday Day Book

*I really did write this on Monday, but my flash drive died and I've been transferring pictures all over my computer from old flash drive to hard drive to new flash drive.  So...that's why I'm just now posting this today.*

Taken from my friend Molly who found it here.
Outside my is 6:53 and all is still quiet on my street.

I am thinking...that maybe if Natalie had finished her rice cereal bottle at bedtime she wouldn't have been up so much last night.  I am also thinking that I need to have more patience with my husband and realize that he isn't going to do everything exactly the way I do it and the way I do it isn't always the best, right or only way to do things.

I am thankful for...the tournament being over.  Craig was up in Frisco the last two weekends running his big tournaments and staying in hotel rooms and it's been a little bit difficult for me.  I'm also thankful for my parents for letting me crash at their house for one night each of the weekends. 

From the learning rooms...Craig and I both got our welcome back to school letters in the mail from our principals.  I'm having mixed feelings about going back - on the one hand, I crave a good solid schedule and I'm looking forward to my hour and forty minutes off every day where I can run errands, read my celebrity gossip, catch up on blogs and work out...without any interruption from the cutest 4.5 month old ever.

From the kitchen...I made Craig a very good dinner last Thursday night before he went to his tournament - we had vinegar, brown sugar and pear drenched pork chops, broccoli-cheese-rice casserole and onion baked potatoes.  Yum.  We went out to dinner yesterday as a celebration of the tournament being over and for dessert I had driven all the way to downtown Dallas to his favorite cupcake shop Sprinkles...he had a red velvet cupcake and then half a key lime pie cupcake.

I am wearing...comfy clothes, no make-up and messy hair in a ponytail.  It's 7:00 in the morning - this is the best it gets right now.

I am creating...lots of different design and outfit ideas and DIY projects on my new obsession, pinterest.

I am be getting my new fridge anytime now - the delivery men called at 7:00 this morning and said they would be here in twenty minutes!  I am so super excited!!!

I am reading...Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to Natalie at night and sometimes at naptime if she is struggling to fall asleep.  I think in the future when she wants to see the movies, I'm going to make her read the book first that way by the time she gets to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th books where things are a bit darker she will be mature enough (hopefully) to understand them.
I am hoping...that Natalie behaves herself when we go to Vegas in a few weeks for my birthday.  I think she'll do alright for our parents...she just gets so cranky in the evenings.

I am hearing...the delivery truck pulling up and unloading my new fridge!

Around the house...have I told you I'm getting a new fridge today?  It's stainless steel with french doors up top and the freezer down below.

One of my favorite things...My new fridge!!!  It just got installed (this blog has taken me awhile to write) and it is absolutely beautiful.  Sigh.  Now I just need to keep the doors closed so it will get cold!  Ha!

A few plans for the rest of the week: We have a Rangers game on Wednesday night and I need to do some clothes shopping, but nothing too terribly major...which is nice.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Natalie and I spent one night at my parent's house for the past two weekends while Craig was up in Frisco tournamenting.  My mom and I gave Natalie a bat and of course all the puppy dogs (Andy, Angie and Annabelle) had to come and check on the baby in the bathroom.

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