Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closets...The Finale

Entryway Closet
I love, love, love this closet because it isn't just a hall closet to store coats, but it goes all the way underneath our stairs and provides us with A LOT of extra and necessary storage.  If we didn't have this, Craig would not be a happy camper because he'd be the one hauling all this junk in and out of the attic!
Right when you open the door are all our jackets, coats and Craig's hats.  And our vacuum.  And Craig's ice machine...that's broke...which can probably be put in the trash bin now.

Further in...oh...hello pillows and blankets that I threw in there during tornado season.  As you can see, this is our tornado and severe weather bunker where I spent many nights this spring curled up with Angie and Natalie surrounded by pillows and blankets.  Looking past those, we have our safe (shh...don't tell anyone) and two (yes...TWO) sets of crutches because in our family you can never have too many crutches.

Okay.  I know this looks like a jumbled mess, but I promise you that there is a method to this madness.  This is way under the stairs and on the left are all our Christmas decorations including all those red boxes that house Craig's Christmas village.  I say "Craig's" because I'm not really into holiday decorating.  I could survive happily with just putting up a tree and stockings and being done with it but not my husband.  He LOVES his village and if I let him he would put up tacky Christmas decor everywhere.  Ugh.  On the right are all our various suitcases and travel bags.  See?  These are all things that typically are up in the attic but since we have this great storage space they get to hang out here and we don't have to lug them down the crickety ladder that leads up to the attic.

I really wish that we had more of a walk-in pantry but our will do - it serves it's function and holds our food.  It isn't very well lit so my mom and I bought those push lights and hung them on the sides of the shelves so I can see all my food.  I just realized that I don't really have a lot of food in my pantry but thinking back, neither did my mom.  She always only kept enough food to get us through the week which probably was a good thing - we never had a lot of unhealthy snacks lying around for us to chomp on.  I didn't post a close-up of the top shelf, but if you look at the top I have our party supplies (plastic plates, silverware and cups) in a basket on the left and all my pasta and rice is in jars in the middle with my napkins, baggies and foil on the right.

Shelf with canned goods, popcorn and breakfast stuff to the left.

Bread basket in the left corner along with our chips and for whatever reason...a huge jug of vinegar.  Curious.

The bottom two shelves are obviously more "storage" areas for extra water, sodas, paper products and dog food.

Laundry Room
Yes.  I have two trash cans.  And they are labeled.  One says "trash" and the other "recycle."  Please follow the instructions and throw your items in the appropriate can.

I love the built in shelves in my laundry room.  On the shelves on the left I have bags, miscellaneous cleaning products, smelly good stuff, cleaning rags and cloths and lightbulbs.  And of course all these things are labeled but what no one understands (for those of you who might tease my labeling obsession) is that I don't label for my own good because I know where everything goes.  I label for my husband so that when he goes to get something or put it away he knows where to find it and where to put it back.  That way my laundry room stays organized, he stays out of trouble and our marriage stays happy.  Ha!

The other side of the shelving unit are laundry supplies and swiffer pads.  A funny story - our housekeeper Martha always puts together a list of things that we need to buy when she is running low on a cleaning product.  For the longest time she would just write "Swiffer" on the list and I kept buying the Swiffer floor cleaner replacements all the while thinking to myself "Jeez!  My floor must be filthy for Martha to go through so many of these things."  I just kept accumulating more and more boxes of floor refills until one day I realized that Martha wasn't talking about the floor refills but instead the dusting refills.  So...if anyone in my neighborhood ever runs out of the Swiffer floor refills, come by and see me because I have about four or five unopen boxes of them sitting on my shelf.

This was the most recent addition to my laundry room - just a simple little hanging thing to put all our brooms, mops and of course...the infamous Swiffer.

That's it for the tour of my closets.  Hopefully you're not scared away by my OCD...or the secret areas in my house that aren't super organized (YET).

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