Sunday, July 24, 2011

Angie and Natalie's "game"

My funny Natalie (and Angie) story for the day.

Natalie, Angie and I were all cuddled up in the glider in Natalie's room for a little snuggle time before her afternoon nap.  Natalie has rediscovered her tongue recently and so she has been sticking it out at me constantly for the past 24 hours - it's a little game for her.  She was sitting on my left side and Angie was on the right side of me desperately trying to lick any and every part of Natalie's anatomy.  As Angie was going in for a lick on the face, I held her head back but this didn't stop her from stretching her puppy dog tongue out as far as she could, hoping to get a little lick onto Natalie's cheek.  I'm sure from Natalie's viewpoint, all she saw was this giant puppy dog tongue coming at her and in her mind - Angie was playing her game!  So Natalie stuck her tongue right back out at Angie and then squealed and giggled with delight.  I burst out laughing and Natalie got quiet, looked up at me with a worried look on her face and erupted into tears.  I'm not sure if my laughing freaked her out or if she thought I was laughing at her.  It was just so funny how excited Natalie got when she thought that Angie was playing her fun game.

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