Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

Call it what you will (most people would say OCD) but I am organized.  My favorite store on Earth is The Container Store but I try not to go there too much because Natalie does need a college fund.  Over the past few days and weeks I have been obsessing about cleaning and organizing my closets - I think I've been spurred to action through Pinterest and salivating over all of the immaculately organized spaces people share on there. 

So here it goes...the good, the bad and the ugly of all the closets in our house.

The New Fridge
Okay, so technically I know it shouldn't be considered a "closet" but if by definition a "closet" is a closed place to store things, then the fridge can be considered...a portable closet for food?!  Or maybe I'm just really excited about my new toy and want to show it off.  Either way...
Here she is in all her glory - and don't worry, I have cleaned off all the smudge marks from the front.  We got her on clearance from Best Buy because she (why am I calling it a "she?") was the floor model from last year.  Well...I don't really care if it's last year's model because it looks great and we were able to get a higher end fridge for a lower end price.  Score.  See how beautifully she fills up the space and blends in with the other stainless steel appliances?!  Swoon.

Here is the inside of the fridge and believe it or not, I put a lot of time and effort into deciding exactly where was the best place for everything to go.  And yes, all the labels face forward at all times.

Master Bathroom Closet
I used to have hideous blue buckets holding all some things but everything else was just scattered around.  I wanted some cohesion and everything to look more or less the same so off to Target I trotted and I returned home a few (ha!) dollars poorer, but look how pretty it all looks!

Medicine basket - wow...all I can see is Gas-X, Phillips and even a Tums bottle...maybe I should have turned those things around.

We go on a lot of trips and before every vacation I go to Target and buy travel toiletries and then when I get home and start packing I realize that I already OWN a ton of travel stuff.  So here is the basket with all our travel size lotions, shampoos, conditioners, Q-Tips, toothpaste etc.  I will not have to buy anything for a very long time.  And you can barely see it, but to the right of the basket I have a stored a few of my travel toiletries bags so that when I'm going to pack and grab one of those bags, I will see this basket and be reminded not to buy anymore travel items!

In the back are lotions, sunscreens and hand soaps that I use...but not on a daily or regular basis.  In the front is my collection of hair bands, bobby pins and headbands.

This is a big basket where I store the "refills" of stuff - toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shaving gel, deodorant and apparently...we need three lint rollers.

Okay.  That's enough for one blog...this will be continued shortly...and don't worry, not everything in my house is as nice and neat as my fridge and master bathroom closet.  These two areas are just two of the most used and therefore have to be the cleanest.

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