Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet Part II

Master Bedroom Closets
In our master bedroom we have two closets - one that is directly in the bedroom (Craig's) and then one that is in our bathroom (mine).  They differ quite a bit...see if you spot the differences.  Ha, ha, ha.
Walking directly into my closet.  Skirts, dress pants and capris on top, ratty old sweatshirts on the shelf and then cute jackets and my nice sweatshirts on the bottom.  Yes.  Being a coach, I really have "grungy" sweatshirts and "nice" sweatshirts.  You can't see it, but above the highest rack I have a shelf that holds my two big duffel bags - one is Adidas and the other I got from working as a Lead Lifeguard at NRH2O when I was in high school and college.

Turn to the left and here are my shoes - all my high heels are stored on the built in shelf...sigh...I used to have so many more.  And then I have flats and nice flip-flops stored in the hanging shoe rack that I got for cheap at IKEA.

Here are all my tops hanging from tank tops to cute tees to short sleeve work shirts to long sleeve work shirts and sweaters then to dresses.  Above are my purses on the shelf in the back and my new big Vera Bradley tote bag.

My athletic shoes that I wear constantly.  And that's not even all of them - I think I have a few more pairs hiding around the house in different locations.

Above my shirts, my "cool" sneakers and my more casual flip flops.  The gray Converse get worn the most.

And here is Craig's closet.  I at least have gotten him to hang his shorts and pants on the left and his shirts in sleeve order (short, long) and then dressiness order (polos, button ups) and then finally, all the way on the right are his heavier pull overs that he wears in the winter time.  Down below I need to get one of those shoe racks to hold his sneakers, dress shoes and flip flops.

The Hall Closet
Ugh.  One of my least favorite closets.  It is so small and cramped and all our sheets are white which makes it very hard to distinguish which sheets and pillowcases go together.  Plus...I'll let you in on my dirty little secret - I don't really deal with the sheets because I just let our housekeeper Martha take care of all that.  Eek!  Does anyone know of a better way to keep this closet organized AND how I can communicate that to Martha...or would that be a little TOO obsessive and controlling?  And yes, I saw something amazing on Pinterest about putting the sheets inside on of the matching pillow cases, but I don't know if I could get Martha to do that everytime.  Jeez...I sound really spoiled.

Spare Bedroom Closet
Believe it or not, this looks so much better than it did a few months ago.  At the beginning of the summer I made Craig and myself clean out all our clothes which included all the crap that we had just thrown into the spare closet.  On top you can see what used to be my super organized present wrapping box but has since gone into disarray since I was not the last person who used it and put it away...yes, I'm glaring at you Craig.  Underneath that box, I really have no earthly idea what is in any of that stuff because it's mostly junk that I inherited when I moved in with my husband.  Maybe that will be an upcoming project for him.

See?  We did clean out the clothes that were hanging, but we still have a bunch of junk in there that we don't need or use.  Sadly, it probably won't get cleaned out until we need the space for Baby Number 2!  Which, for those of you who just got their hopes up, won't be for a VERY long time.

Natalie's Closet
This is probably one of the cutest and most well organized closets in the house because again...I'm the one who is in charge of it and Craig rarely ventures in here.  I have all her toys stored in the bins in the shelving unit (all from Target) and on either side are diapers, wipes and the pack 'n play (on the right) and then things that she hasn't quite grown into using (bath toys and grocery cart seat covers) on the left.  I hang all her cute outfits in the closet with all her onesies in a drawer in her dresser.  See that big space right in the middle with the extra pink hangers?  To the left of those hangers is everything that she fits into right now with cute one-piece outfits in front, next are tops and bottoms that go together followed by her dresses.  She has more clothes than that but Momma hasn't put away the laundry recently.  To the right of those hangers are all the clothes that are waiting for her to grow into them in size and season order - for example, her more summery and warm weather 9 months stuff is at the front while her wintery and colder weather 9 months stuff is behind it and her 12+ months stuff is all the way in the back.  Now do you see why Craig doesn't mess with her clothes and just lets me put them all away?!

Natalie has a TON of shoes and at they too are organized in size order with her size 1 shoes at the top and then it works all the way down to size 4 at the bottom.  And to be honest, I've only bought her THREE pairs of shoes - all the rest were either given to me at a baby shower or I got second hand from a friend whose daughter outgrew them.

For one of our wedding showers we received this plastic tub that you put ice and drinks into but it's only been used once or twice and was just sitting up in our laundry room while all her stuffed animals were strewn across the top of her shelving unit taking up precious storage space.  So I had Craig bring it up from downstairs and right now it holds all her special stuffed animals that people have given her.

That's all the closets upstairs and my last post on closets will be everything downstairs!

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