Monday, September 3, 2012

Mrs. Bright Side

All weekend my focus concerning this whole toilet-overflowing debacle is to see on the bright side of things.  To view this mini-disaster as a "glass is half full" kind of thing.  I've been looking hard for the silver lining of this dark little cloud.

I could come up with many more cliches......

I digress.

A new living room.  This is the bright spot in the destruction that has overtaken my house right now.  It's kind of like that book we all read in elementary school, if Laura gets new floors, she's going to want to paint the walls.  If Laura paints the walls, she's going to need to art.  If Laura buys new art.........

Well.  You see where this is going.

The other day (before a new living room became a reality through massive amounts of toilet paper) I was literally stopped in my tracks by this painting at Hobby Lobby.


Now, I know it's no Renoir or Picasso or anything worth REAL money.  But it's bright.  And a statement piece for over the mantel.  It draws your eyes in.  It's a color combination I NEVER EVER would have put together on my own.  

But it's beautiful.  The soft and calm turquoise with a bright burst of orange.  


And then what was sitting right next to it in the display?


Obviously these are signs from the heavens that God desperately wants me to have this gorgeous new living room, right?

Well.  That might be stretching it a bit but I think this is the direction I want to head.

And next I did what every woman does these days........consulted Pinterest.

Alright. That's a big fat NO to the orange couches but hopefully you can see the mixture of colors.  Bright and serene at the same time, right?  I love the turquoise vases on the table....I KNOW I've pinned something that could help me do that for cheap.  And I really like the wall color on the left wall - a really light and inviting turquoise.

An even better and softer paint color combined with the light couches and pops of color.  THIS is more what I would be going for in our living room.  We aren't going to be getting rid of any big pieces of furniture and everything we have is a dark brown so it would all have to "go" together.  That's why I like seeing the dark brown coffee table in this photo - shows me that I could definitely mix it all up.

How fun are those mirrors and side tables?!  I could DEFINITELY find something like that and refinish them in a bright color.

We would need a new rug and curtains which could get a little expensive (but Christmas IS coming up soon).  Maybe something like this?  I know that with such a bright color as orange I can't go overboard with using it - it must be infused into the living room sparingly and with purpose to make a statement.

And pillows....all the fun pillows.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

And then what would be my BIG project for the new living room........

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

A vintage style, refinished, painted turquoise sideboard for the living room.


I have made the promise to myself to refinish ONE major piece of furniture before I turn thirty next year.  Maybe this would be a good candidate?

So all this redecorating begs the question......what would I do with all my old stuff?  Well, Craig and I have grand plans to move the formal dining room into the "trophy room" and then create a fun study in the grand front room.  I could go with the brown and green theme in the new dining room and use all my old decor (even the curtains and rug) in that new room.  

And of course Craig is seeing the bottom line - the cost.  With the advent of Pinterest, I've really been inspired to do this thing on a moderate budget.  I'm fairly crafty and pretty determine (and VERY picky) so I think.....even though it might take some time......that I can put this fabulous new room together without breaking the bank.  

What makes me saddest right now about my house is the fact that we can't really have over any visitors.  No one wants to eat dinner in a construction zone, you know?  And besides....we have friends with little children and exposed wood and concrete isn't very safe for all their sweet feet.  

So.  This rules out most of my plans for get-togethers at house during football season.

My goal is to have a big Super Bowl party in January (February?) to have friends over to not only watch football but to show off our brand new living room.  That's the goal at least.

And that's the bright side as well.

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