Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here's a weekly insight into my life and a chance for me to debrief my own brain and sort out my thoughts.

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Outside my window...a little cloudy, a little sunny but a lot humid.  Yuck.

I am thinking...of the magnitude of God's creativity when creating people.  Yesterday I was at a friend's daughter's first birthday party and there were tons of little girls running around and I couldn't help but be in wonder of the uniqueness of each individual child.  And then multiply that times six billion for every person on this planet.

I am thankful...that Natalie has settled down into a better napping schedule.  She goes down relatively easy and then sleeps for at least an hour, if not more if she's really worn out.

In the kitchen...I'm making pot roast for dinner tonight and we had a penne pasta bake last night.  I think I might attempt to bake cookies with Natalie this afternoon - she "helped" make pancakes last weekend and quite frankly....involving her in the cooking is much easier than fighting the battle of keeping her out of the drawers and cabinets.

I am shorts from Old Navy, blue gauzy tank top from Ann Taylor Loft, lightweight white button up sweater from Target.

I am creating...a giant summer Honey-Do list for Craig.  I have always hated the idea of a "Honey-Do" list because of what it implies - that I'm just cracking the whip and bossing Craig around when I could be doing all those things myself.  BUT....there are certain areas of the house where his junk is laying around that do need to be organized and cleaned up.  THAT kind of stuff I'm okay with putting on a list for him to complete.

I am be spending lots of time in doctor's offices this week - the eye doctor for me, taking Natalie to the hematologist AND an ENT..........oh and my hand surgery on Friday.

I am wondering...what the above mentioned doctor's will have to say about Natalie's ears (there is the possibility of tubes) and her low iron count (anemia?).  I just have to say - thank goodness we've already met our deductible.

I am reading...The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells (who also wrote Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood).  So far it is VERY good and I've already shed a few tears.  She is one of my most favorite authors by far mainly because all her stories are set in Louisiana, the themes usually focus around the intimate relationships between women (mothers, daughters, best friends) and her female protagonists are always strong and spirited.  

I am hoping...that the surgery for my hand goes well and that the recovery time isn't too terrible.

I am looking forward to...Natalie figuring out that 5:30 is not always the best time to wake up during the summer.

I am get a lot accomplished during nap time.

Around the house...I've started on my summer cleaning and reorganization list - yesterday I cajoled Craig into rearranging the cabinets and we got rid of a TON of dishes and cups that we don't use anymore.  I also cleaned off the "junk" area of our kitchen and put all the bills and office supplies hidden away in a cabinet.  Now.  If I can just get Craig to STAY organized.

One of my favorite things...watching Natalie have so much fun in the bounce house yesterday at a birthday party.  She really has no fear when it comes to trying new things.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lots of doctor appointments but I do have my last night of volleyball on Wednesday and Natalie's first "gym" class on Thursday morning with my friend Jill and her daughter Joley.

A picture I'm sharing: Just a glimpse into our family/one year photo session that we had at the beginning of May.  
Passing on the love of Converse to my daughter.


Jerralea said...

I enjoyed your daybook. Hope all your doctor appts. go well and that your hand surgery is a success.

Good for you on your cabinet reorganization. It feels good to de-clutter, doesn't it?

I would not feel bad about making a honey-do list... it's just to keep him focused. My hubby likes for me to make him one. I just learn to tell him what needs to be done and then let him do it in his time schedule.

Erin said...

Holy cuteness, that photo is just too much! Happy friday sweet friend. Hope you enjoy the weekend :)