Thursday, May 24, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

At the end of April we went to a joint birthday party for the daughters of our friends and it was Natalie's first time to venture into a jump house.  She was tentative at first but by the end of the party I couldn't get her out of it.  At one point, all the big girls would scream in unison while Natalie just looked at them with big saucer eyes.  When the girls quieted down, Natalie looked around at them and screamed - she has to be just like the big kids.

Craig made the mistake of eating his Sonic Oreo blast on the couch and shortly after he sat down our three little creatures descended on him, begging for bites of his sweet treat.

Just the two of us playing around with the cool front camera on my iPhone4.

You can tell it's track season when I start to get awesome sock tan like this.
You know you're jealous.

Sorry the picture is so blurry - it's hard to get her to sit still right now.  If you notice, she has her fingers in her ears.  This is a new trick that she learned recently - I'm not really sure where she got it.  The other day we were driving home from school and I was jamming out in the front seat to Eminem and Rihanna.  I pulled into the garage, cut the engine, got out and opened the back door where she sits in her carseat.  When I opened the door, she had those fingers in her ears, her chin tucked down and she was glaring at me from underneath some very angry eyebrows.  Apparently.......she is not a hip hop fan.  Duly noted kiddo.

The newest (oldest) pair of Converse that she has grown into.  This particular pair belonged to my nephews Alexander (8) and Ford (5) before being passed onto Natalie who will pass them back to baby Ian when she outgrows them. 

She loves to sit in her rocking chair and "read" all her stories....which mostly consists of her babbling incoherently to herself.  Adorable nonetheless.

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Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

One time I was singing to Evie and she busted out crying. I didn't know my voice was that bad...

Anonymous said...

Loved all the photos...I just downloaded my camera into the computer. Time sure passes quickly when I look back at the photos!

Robin | Farewell Stranger said...

So much fun stuff! And I didn't notice the sock tan, but I did notice the awesome colour on your toes!