Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good morning!

7:40 am on a Saturday morning in May. Daddy is at a basketball tournament so this is what we girls are doing.

Last night was the 8th grade awards banquet and formal. I chose not to go in lieu of dinner and a margarita with my husband and daughter after an absolutely CRAZY Field Day that included (among other things) a broken arm, two referrals, and three buckets of water poured on yours truly. Sigh.

I'm a little sad that I missed out on seeing all my lovely girls all dressed up and receiving their awards but I needed to rest and relax.

Besides....the years will fly by and soon enough I will be shopping for a formal dress with Natalie while Craig will be screening her potential dates. Ha!

But in the meantime...we are going to work on our animal noises and wooden puzzles this morning.

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