Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

- We took family pictures on Saturday the 12th with Natalie and the two pups.  The morning started off with us getting a twenty minute rain/mist delay but I think we were able to get some pretty adorable pictures of all our family.  My mother accompanied us as the child-dog wrangler and since it was Mother's Day weekend, we were even able to have her jump in a few shots with me and Natalie for a three generations picture.

- I took two naps on Mother's Day.  We also ate at Babe's for lunch and I chowed down on fried chicken, yummy biscuits and lots of mashed potatoes.  Craig, Natalie and the pups got me a super awesome printer that prints glossy pictures so that I can finish up Natalie's baby book at home without having to run to Target every five minutes to print off a picture here and there.  But I still must say........the best part of the day were the two naps.

- Natalie officially has a "lovey" that she has grown fiercely attached to in the past few days.  It's a giraffe that I bought during her first trip to the zoo over Christmas break.  As any good mother does, I make the giraffe talk to Natalie, I give it emotions and move it's head around.  When Natalie throws the giraffe down on the ground, I make the giraffe give her a guilt trip about being rough and violent with her very favorite friend.  The giraffe's name is Spot.

- Friday was 6th grade Field Day at my school which, along with a 6th grade teacher, I am in charge of.  All morning I was instructing volunteers, directing traffic and hauling my rear end all over the fields at school making sure things were running smoothly.  Each year we invite some 8th grade National Junior Honor Society students to haul water, play games and lead stations.  This year's 8th graders are a very special group of young people - great attitudes, incredible athletes and all around FUN kids.  At the end of the Field Day as the 6th graders were all sitting outside getting their room assignments for movies in the afternoon, I noticed some of my 8th grade boys lurking around me looking incredibly suspicious.  Please keep in mind, these are kids that I once had in 6th grade PE and then have coached in 7th and 8th grade Cross Country and Track - I've watched them grow up and I'm the one teacher they have had all three years of middle school.  As one of my favorite boys came after me with a bucket of water I tried desperately to get away but to no avail.  I.  WAS.  SOAKED.  They got me from head to toe COVERED with water.  I've spent the past two hours waddling around the school in bare feet because my tennis shoes were in the dryer.  Coming from THOSE kids, I know the intent wasn't malicious but instead I took it as a sign of affection....right?

- In the upcoming month, I have no less than six doctors appointments of some sort scheduled for Natalie and myself.  The cyst on my hand has come back so I'm going in for that this afternoon, on June 1st we are taking Natalie back in to check on her ears to see if the infection is finally gone, June 5th we are going to a hematologist to see about her low iron count, I have my yearly OB appointment, a six month dentist cleaning and then an eye doctor appointment because I have a hard time seeing while driving - especially at night.  And two of those appointments (hand and ears) could potentially lead to some sort of surgery this summer.  Yikes.  It's a good thing Craig has a 200 team tournament this weekend - we'll be using that money to pay off some medical bills.

- I'm making a plan to read all the books gifted to me through my mother that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf and have never been read.  I'm starting with The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells (who wrote Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) and so far I'm eight chapters in and absolutely loving it.  I don't know if it's the way she writes or the Louisiana culture that she writes about, but I just love getting lost in her writing.  I think there is a little piece of her storytelling that also reminds me of my mother as a young girl growing up in parts of Louisiana with a mystical mother herself.

- Craig and I had a date on Saturday night and I wanted to go somewhere new and different and OUTSIDE of our little town because I didn't want to see any students or parents.  We went to La Hacienda Ranch for Mexican food and I have to say........I was a little disappointed.  I've always heard such great things about the food and the drinks but it just left MUCH to be desired.  Oh well.  It was still a nice evening out with my husband.

- Thankfully this week is a lot less crazy than last week.  A girls night tomorrow followed up by volleyball on Wednesday night and then a fun lunch with my friend Kate and my mother to celebrate the health of Kate's darling little girl Audrey on Saturday afternoon.

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