Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture Perfect

At the top of the stairs in our home, I've started a big wall of black and white family pictures framed in those floating frames from Target.  Part of my summer picture goal is to add a few more recent pictures of Natalie and our family to this wall.  I desperately wish that I could be more interested in the fine tuning aspects of photography - the lighting, the settings, using one of those big lenses, and the post production editing, but there is just SO much information out there that it really stresses me out.  So instead, I just hire fabulous people to take wonderful portraits of my child and family for me.  Luckily, affordable camera technology has gotten much better since the Polaroid days and even with my standard Canon Power Shot I was able to snap the following pictures of my family.

Transfixed by the trash men going up and down our street.

Sigh.  Will her hair EVER do what I want it to do?

One of my favorites - she is so concentrated.

Angie has so much soul in her eyes.

All three of them checking out events going on at the neighbor's house.

If I do say so myself....she is a gorgeous little girl.

My favorite picture of the pups....noses to the ground, but eyes up at Momma.

Both Angie and Ajax are so patient with Natalie and always giving her kisses.

Ajax is very dignified.

I am going to edit this picture in some way - maybe crop it and put it in black and white - and give it to Craig for Father's Day from Natalie.

Blurry picture....but my baby got some sweet new kicks.  I know, I know!  She's barely a year old and already has two pairs of Nikes.  But I don't spend a lot on her clothes and awesome sneakers are pretty important to our family.

While Natalie and I were rolling around on the ground and playing the other night, I looked up and saw this. My husband surrounded by the two pups.  What a life those dogs lead.

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Erin said...

I'm so happy to see life is shining in your world. Natalie is looking adorable! I've really got to get some updated photos of Jack around the house! In fact I even have empty frames just waiting to be filled haha