Friday, June 8, 2012

Out of Commission

For once, I've got the time (summer vacation), little to no distractions (Natalie is with my parents) and tons of great blog posts saved as drafts that are ready for me to complete. Time to get down and dirty with thinking, writing and publishing, right?


Because THIS happened this morning.

I've been wrestling with a cyst on my hand since late February. I had it drained in April but it came back pretty quick so Craig a I decided to just get it cut out of my hand. This morning Natalie, Craig and I met my parents at a local surgery center and after a short 45 minute hand was bandaged and we were on our way home! Natalie is staying with my parents tonight and they'll bring her back tomorrow afternoon and my mother in law is bringing a delicious roast beef to us for dinner since I'm obviously not cooking.

I chose to have a local anesthetic with a bit of sedation so I actually slept through it all. The pain hasn't been too bad but its starting to ramp up as the numbing medicine runs out. It wasn't a life or death surgery but the cyst was very painful...hurt to touch or grab things and excruciating when I dove for a volleyball and landed on it. In the past week as it got larger and larger, my hand hurt like I had a bad case of arthritis and I was taking lots of Advil and even some Vicodin to go to sleep.

Needless to say, I'm glad I got it removed because it was painful and annoying. I've got two great four legged nurses laying right by my side just in case I need to "rehab" my hand by petting them. Ha! Anyways. Hopefully by early next week I will be back to the blogging/typing world. I've got lots to talk update on Natalie's doctors visits and her first "gymnastics" class!

In the meantime....I'm going to catch up on all my DVR and maybe work my way through some Harry Potter movies!!

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