Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three months old!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011: Three Months Old

Vital Stats:
13lbs. - 50th percentile
25in. - 90th percentile

She is the happiest baby in the mornings with lots of smiles and giggles.

Her bedtime is 8:30 and she sleeps until around 7:00 which is pretty awesome.  We moved her into her big girl crib on Thursday and she has done wonderfully.  I wasn't that upset about it after all...I kind of like having my bedroom back to just Craig and myself (and Angie) and I enjoy rocking her, reading to her and putting her to bed and then being able to watch television or take a shower in my room without worrying about waking her up.

It's amazing how quickly babies grow - even our sitter Ms. Rebecca noticed it in just the three weeks that she cared for her at the end of the school year!  She is picking her head up, able to bear weight on her legs and "stand" (with the help of Mommy and Daddy of course), she even rolled over from front to back!

I packed up her 0-3 month clothes on Memorial Day and I shed a few tears because I know that she's just going to get bigger and bigger and it feels like next week we'll be shopping for prom dresses and then the week after Craig will be walking her down the aisle.  That's why I'm glad that we have our summer so free and unscheduled - we can really spend time with her and watching her grow.

Here is what Natalie has been up to this past month:

Hanging out with Mommy...but looking more and more like Daddy.  I think those eyes are going to be staying bright blue!

Over the course of the last three weeks of school, Natalie was taken care of by my parents, Craig's mother and her full-time babysitter, Rebecca. 

She took her first dip in both our pool and my parent's pool!  So far...she is a little water baby just like her momma, her Nonna and her greatgrandma!

She found her hands.

She still loves being in the sling and it really makes it easier to get certain tasks done around the house.

She is all smiles now!!!  And on the verge of a big belly laugh.

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