Tuesday, June 7, 2011



1. Transition Natalie to her crib in her bedroom: I don't think it's going to be that difficult.  She is a very good sleeper and has been sleeping through the night since she was about six weeks old.  I tried it on Sunday afternoon by swaddling her and then putting her in the crib for a nap.  I had the monitor on and I didn't hear a peep from her at all.  I have a feeling it might be a little harder for me than for her - that bedroom all of a sudden seems VERY far away.

2. Summer reading: I have a huge stack of books sitting on my nightstand that I would really like to work my way through this summer.  Whether it's while nursing or laying out by the pool, hopefully I will find the time and energy to read instead of watch countless hours of mindless television.

3. Work-out: Since I've been back at school the past few weeks, I have found time during my 4th period conference to get back into the gym...and I am loving it.  I had to start off slow and with minimal weights, but I am quickly working my way back to where I left off last summer before I got pregnant.  Unfortunately, this summer my school is undergoing major renovations and I won't be able to access our weight room so I'm going to reactivate my LA Fitness membership and get my rear up to the gym for cardio and weights at least three times a week.  I figure I can do it in the mornings after I pump and feed Natalie and then hand her off to her daddy for play time and a morning nap.  There is no sleeping in with a three month old.

4. Natalie's Baby Book: My mom kept the most meticulous and in depth baby books for me and my two older brothers.  Sure...she might have been a little OCD about it but the book has really come in handy in trying to figure out Natalie and how she compares to me.  I have a lot of pictures I need to print off and tape into the book and I need to keep better track of all her important "firsts."

5. Paint a wall in my living room: Beige is boring and my living room needs a splash of color on one of the walls.  I'm thinking it will be a project one afternoon where I send Natalie off with her daddy to do something fun and I turn on some music and paint the wall some shade of green.


1. Girls of Summer Showcase: The annual tournament that Craig hosts that brings in college coaches from around the nation to scout out high school female basketball players.  Last year when I worked the tournament I was in the throws of all-day sickness and struggled to keep food down and stay awake while checking in college recruiters.  This year I'm helping out by organizing the Excel spreadsheets that every team has to turn in listing the pertinent information about each and every player.  Since Natalie will be 4.5 months by the time the tournament starts, I probably won't be helping out but I will try to stop by so that Craig can show off his beautiful baby girl.

2. Las Vegas: I love my baby...but I am ready for a few days away with Craig on vacation.  We will be staying at the Encore hotel at the beginning of August for three nights which Angie and Natalie switch off between my parent's house and Craig's mother's house.  Not that we do anything particularly crazy in Vegas, but I'm just looking forward to sleeping in, not changing diapers and having all the time in the world to take a bath.

3. Baby Nephew: My eldest brother Stephen and his wife Meredith have two little boys, Alexander (7) and Ford (4) and they are expecting their third little guy in August!  I am so excited to meet him and hold a newborn again.  I am also so excited at the prospect of Natalie having a cousin so close to her in age...I know between the three boys that she goes to daycare with and her three boy cousins...she is going to be one tough little girl!

4. Volleyball Camp: I haven't made my final decision yet, but I really don't think I'm going to want to give up a whole week of my time with Natalie to go and teach volleyball to elementary and middle school girls.  I know that it's a great opportunity to see my upcoming 7th graders...but since I have most of them in PE, I already know not to be too optimistic about having a winning record next season.

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