Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Day Book

Taken from my friend Molly who found it here.

Outside my window...I am sitting in a windowless gym with my 4th period PE students while they hang out for the remainder of the period.  All that is on our schedule for the day is to turn in the locks and clean out lockers so they have the rest of the class to just hang out.  I could do a Study Hall...but these kiddos are all studied out and sometimes just need time to chill and relax.

I am thinking...of all the things that Craig and I would love to be able to do around the house in the next few years.  I have no intention of moving anytime soon and I am really enjoy the satisfaction that comes along with taking our house and changing it to fit our tastes.\

I am thankful parents for taking such good care of Natalie and Angie on Friday and who let me and my two daughters come over yesterday to swim while Craig was at the basketball tournament.  I am very blessed to have them so close by.

From the learning rooms...absolutely nothing.  We are the last school district in Texas to still be in school and it is getting ridiculous.  Luckily they have elected a new calendar for the next school year and we will be getting out of school by the end of May...but we only have a week and a half off during Christmas vacation.

From the kitchen...I cooked tilapia, zucchini and mashed potatoes on Saturday night and then we just had chili dogs last night for dinner.  I am having my friend Kate over for dinner tomorrow night and I'm going to make a big and delicious lasagna.

I am favorite thing - the beginning of a great summer tan.

I am creating...a big list of things that I would like to eventually get done around the house.  Some are small things (planting more flowers) and some are big (replacing tile and fake wood flooring), but it's just a general *wish* list.

I am going...out to dinner tonight.  I was watching an Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode on the US-Mexico border yesterday and I instantly started craving chips and I think we're going to have some Mexican food for dinner.

I am reading...I'm starting to dabble in lots of different books.  I have a HUGE stack of books sitting on my nightstand and I'm going to slowly work my way through them this summer.  I had to hold off on the Sweet Valley book...because it's just THAT terrible.

I am hoping...Natalie's transition into her big girl crib goes smoothly this week.  She officially turns three months old on Wednesday and we have taken her out of the bassinet that attaches to her pack n play and she has been successfully sleeping in her pack n play for the past few weeks.  Once school is out, we are going to put her to bed in her own room and turn on the baby monitor.  I have a feeling it is going to be a lot harder for me than it will be for her.

I am hearing...the chatter of my sweet sixth graders as they just hang out and play cards on the gym floor.

Around the's clean!  Martha came on Friday and scrubbed the house and between Saturday and Sunday, I was able to get all the laundry (mostly) done.  The only tasks waiting for us this evening is one load of Natalie's clothes to fold and a few bottles in the sink to wash and sanitize.  Hurray!

One of my favorite things...Sonic Oreo Blasts.  I know that I'm not pregnant anymore, but I still seem to be having pregnancy cravings for ice cream...and chocolate...and whipped cream.  Mmm...

A few plans for the rest of the week: I am having Kate over for dinner tomorrow night and then we have the last day of school on Thursday!  My mom will keep Natalie during the morning while we are in school, but I will pick her up around 12:45 and bring her back up to school to hang out with me while I finish things up - I'm sure I will find plenty of people to hold her if I have to do something really strenuous.  :)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My dad and his two granddaughters - Natalie and Angie. 

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Anonymous said...

If had had thought about it soon enough, I'd have put Annabelle on the couch with them so he could have all the "girls." Love 'ya, Kid! Baci!