Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Day Book

Taken from my friend Molly who found it here.

Outside my window...the world is beginning to wake up - it's a little blustery out there again today and it's supposed to be another hot one.  Hopefully I can find my way to the pool this afternoon.

I am thinking...about giving up on breastfeeding.  I absolutely LOVE the act of feeding Natalie snuggles in close and gives that little contented sigh.  But it is killing me - as in almost screaming pain when she latches on.  If I don't find a solution quick, we're done.

I am thankful for...quiet evenings with my family.  Craig and I had two nights in a row of just hanging out at the house with no major plans except dinner as a family and watching a movie cuddled in bed with both of our daughters.

From the learning rooms...the kids are getting antsy, but I really enjoyed my week back with them last week.  They were all super excited to see me and I was even able to pull off a flawless 6th grade Field Day with the help of one of the 6th grade World Geography teachers.

From the kitchen...Craig insisted on making dinner last night and he made shrimp and sausage jambalaya last night!  It was very good and very spicy but was somehow perfect on a hot *almost* summers night.

I am wearing...lots of mosquito bites.  I hate those little creatures because I don't even realize that they are around until AFTER they bite me and I'm scratching like crazy.

I am creating...pretend storylines in my head of conversations that will probably never take place and it's driving me absolutely bonkers.

I am Vegas in August for my birthday with Craig.  Yes, I will miss Natalie and Angie...but we need a mommy-daddy vacation.

I am reading...Sweet Valley Confidential.  Don't judge. 

I am hoping...that these last two weeks of school go by very easily and quickly.

I am hearing...Natalie's grunts, coos and cries as she sits in her swing and chews on her hands.

Around the's a little messier than I would like but maybe my lovely mother can help me tidy up when she comes over this morning?!

One of my favorite Natalie first thing in the morning when I look into her pack n play.  She is all wrapped up like a little burrito in her swaddle and she just looks at me very seriously, studying my face carefully and then breaks out into a big grin when she realizes that it's MOMMY.  When I start unwrapping her her arms reach way up over her head into the cutest 3 month old full body stretch.  Love it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not too much.  We will probably watch the NBA finals game on Tuesday since the Mavs are playing but we really don't have anything specific scheduled...that I know of!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

These are my friends Amy (left) and Heather (right).  We have all been best friends since Amy moved to Texas in the middle of sixth grade.  Heather and I have been so blessed to have Amy living in the same vicinity this past year while her Navy husband Michael was stationed in Bahrain.  Amy is moving onto the next Naval post for Michael - Woodby Island in Washington State - on Tuesday and we will miss her dearly.  I am very blessed to have a friend like her in my life and I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy and the first few months of Natalie's life without Amy's constant stream of compassion, advice, encouragement and laughter. 

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Meredith said...

Sounds like Natalie's latch is a little off- give me a shout and I'll see if I can help you figure out what the deal is. Sounds like an issue I had with Alexander.