Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Day Book

Monday, May 2nd at 7:29 AM...
Outside my window … it is raining and it has been since last night.  We had a little bit of lightning and thunder throughout the night but no weather that was threatening our safety or our property.

I am thinking … that my feelings of relief are hesitant because I'm afraid of the new set of attacks that the death of Bin Laden will invoke. 

I am thankful for … being able to raise my daughter in a country where she is free to be whoever she wants without a threat of violence everytime she leaves the house.

I am hoping … for Craig's shoulder surgery to go smoothly on Thursday and for him to have a short recovery time.

On my mind …a former coworker of mine had her baby last week very prematurely and the little one weighs four pounds and is in the NICU.  My heart breaks for her but I am thankful for my healthy daughter but humbled at the same time.

Noticing that …my daughter is long - she is sitting in her swing wearing 3-6 month pajamas and she is not even 8 weeks old.
A few plans for the week … a baby shower for a friend from my former school tomorrow, lots of prayers for my friend whose husband is having surgery to remove cancer from his thyroid on Wednesday, Craig's surgery on Thursday and our friend Doug's crawfish boil on Saturday!
From the kitchen … We had basic tacos on Friday night - I have been planning meals that are easy for Craig to make in the event that I am busy with the munchkin and he has to make dinner.  I made his favorite macaroni salad for a birthday party on Saturday and I think since it's so cold out today that I'm going to make Taco Soup with cornbread for dinner tonight.  Yum.
Around the house … I got bored yesterday while Craig was at the basketball tournament so I went to my parent's house for the afternoon.  When I got home he had picked up the whole house, made the bed all pretty and moved around laundry loads.

One of my favorite things … This time right now.  Craig is still asleep in the spare bedroom (he snores), Angie is curled up under the covers, Natalie is happily swinging in her swing, I get to blog in the semi darkness of my bedroom while eating a delicious bowl of Cream of Wheat with cinnamon and drink my coffee.  Sigh.  Contentment.

A picture I am sharing … Craig and I are taking our first trip away from Natalie in August to go to Vegas for my birthday.  I had a dream...or more like a nightmare...last night that we tried to take Natalie to Vegas with us but we couldn't ever gamble together because one of us always had to be up in the room taking care of the baby.  This is a picture from our most amazing trip to Vegas where we stayed in the luxury suite at the Wynn for my 25th birthday.

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